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The Eversons

The Eversons could well be Wellington’s newest hot ticket if their lyrical, satirical, and downright enjoyable EP is anything to go by. Having been together since November last year, The Eversons have released some of Wellington’s catchiest and cleverest pop in recent memory.

Blair: We’d recorded the tracks for the hell of it, and then it was like ‘maybe this could be an EP’. Then Lil Chief came on board, so yeah—it all just happened accidentally, I suppose.

Tim: We just recorded it ourselves—I’ve got a studio up in the Hutt and we did it out there. It was real lowkey. We never meant for anyone to hear it.

Within the first 30 seconds of listening to the EP, two things are obvious: the unusually funny narrative style of the lyrics, and the flagrant Kiwiness of the band’s sound.

Blair: We’re very conscious of that. I remember lots of times Mark [Turner, vocalist] saying, ‘we have to sing in our NZ accents’. I think that rather than
consciously making it sound like it’s from NZ, it makes it sound like we’re not trying to be anything else.

What does the future hold for The Eversons?

Blair: We’ve got about 19 songs or so for an album. We’ve got about six learnt, so we’re just learning the rest of those. Mark’s pretty self sufficient, so he writes the songs, records it all and sends us the demos. It will probably be quite cheesy cause Mark’s quite a cheesy guy, and then we’ll inject the band coolness. So we’re going to record the album in December, release it early next year, then go on tour after that.
Tim: The plan is to do it totally live. We might have to do vocals later but definitely everything else live.

If you could host a dinner party for three, with one New Zealander, anyone alive, and anyone dead, who would you invite and what would you serve?

Blair: I think I might take all New Zealanders. Sir Edmund Hillary would be my New Zealander, dead person Sir Peter Blake, live person would be Sir Richard Hadlee. I would probably serve a game meat… probably duck. I’ve got a moustache today so I think those three and I are on the same level.
Tim: I’d have Dane Rumble, Stanley Kubrick and Scott Walker. I’d serve mild butter chicken. We’d all rip on Dane. *

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