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September 12, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Beer will be Beer – Little Beer Quarter

Hi, my name is Dylan: beer-geek, former Victoria student and bar-guy at Hashigo Zake.

Brendon was busy making beer so I’m pitching in a column this week.

Late on a stormy night in July, Dave the Beer Guy and I met in an obscure alleyway. We had one purpose: a new bar was opening and we were thirsty.
It seems that for Wellington, 2011 is the year of the beer bar. Starting in February with that most excellent establishment The Hop Garden, this year has seen the opening of four new venues devoted to craft beer, with a fifth due to open in a matter of weeks (watch this space). The latest player on the field is Little Beer Quarter, and they’ve hit the nail on the head.

Like many good beer bars LBQ is a bit difficult to find. It’s tucked away from the Tui drinking crowds on Edward St, an obscure lane just off Victoria St. This site has a proud beer history already. Formerly Watusi and before that Tupelo, it was the place where both Yeastie Boy’s Brewer Stu McKinlay and fellow columnist Dave the Beer Guy had their first craft beer experiences.

Upon entering you could be forgiven for thinking you’re in a cool little cocktail lounge. They have upside-down plants and a cabinet full of eclectic things. However, once you reach the bar (under possibly the best lampshades ever), you’ll find twelve taps all pouring good beer (and one cider). Behind the bar they have three big fridges and although there are a few mainstream beers sneaking in, they hold a good selection of both local and international bottles. They also have plans to install a handpump in the future for those of the real-ale disposition.

LBQ is the creation of the four ladies behind Beach Babylon Café (take THAT, gender stereotypes). I’ve had the opportunity for a little chat with Co-Founder Stacey Walsh on a couple of occasions. Although allegedly a hop-hater, she’s beer-geek through and through and can usually be found somewhere near the bar.

The staff are friendly and the food, sometimes the Achilles’ heel of beer bars, is good, especially the pizzas. On top of this they offer a 10% discount to SOBA members.
My one snag with LBQ is that they only open from Tuesday to Sunday. As a fan of the Monday afternoon pint, I’ve been thwarted several times by them being shut.
On balance however, this place is awesome. Check it out sometime.

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  1. Awesome article, thanks! (Lydia from LBQ)

  2. Paula says:

    Hay, you hit the nail on the head about them hitting the nail on the head! Best beer bar in town, I love it greatly. Thanks ladies

  3. Electrum Greenstone says:

    “[I]t is up to each of us to drink of it ourselves.”

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