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September 19, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Clubs Officer

Week nine already! This year has been a fast and busy one! I know most of you will be busy sitting tests, doing assignments and getting ready for exams, but here is a rundown of important happenings at VUWSA since my last column and a quick look at what is coming up.

The strategic plan went through the first stages with the VUWSA Exec and staff back in January. It came back to us in week two. The ideas from that meeting have since been taken to another meeting where class reps got to have a look over and have their input. We’ve tidied it up and now have a write up to put forward during the VUWSA elections to be ratified by students.

Week five was the VUWSA AGM which made quorum with over 100 hungry students present. The mid-year report was accepted, the Vice President of Administration was changed back to Treasurer and a motion to support the Legalise Love Campaign was passed.

The Friday of the first week of the holidays was Vic Open Day with hundreds of seventh formers coming into Uni to have a look around for next year. VUWSA cooked over 800 sausages and our Panda and Brown Bear got many photos with prospective and current VUW students. All of the photos can be found on our Facebook page.

Next week is the VUWSA elections where every student of VUW gets to vote for their new representatives. This is a very important opportunity for all students to have their voices heard. It is you who get to decide on who represents you! You are important and have the right to vote! The incoming Exec will have it tough with the impending voluntary membership bill set to be in practice from next year. We need a strong Exec who can fight for our rights and for our views. I don’t want to use the normal saying of “if you don’t vote you can’t complain”, but unfortunately it’s true. This is your chance to push for what you want by voting for people you think are appropriate.

On 5 October we have our annual Blues awards celebrating the achievements of our various sporting clubs followed by the End of Trimester Party the following week.
Don’t forget Stress Free Study Week brought to you by our lovely welfare team from 17 October.

Have a great last few weeks at Uni for this trimester and good luck with exams! And don’t forget to vote!

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