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Act MP Heather Roy’s Education (Freedom of Association) Amendment Bill passed its committee stage last Wednesday, with it now expected to receive royal assent on 28 September.

It was reported without amendment by 63 votes to 56 with the support of National, Act and United Future.
Despite multiple amendments being proposed by Labour, all were voted down.

Proposed amendments included pushing out the implementation date to give associations and institutions more time to adjust, and reviewing the law post-implementation to monitor its effects.

Roy said that students are looking forward to Voluntary Student Membership.

“They are very keen that they have the democratic choice to decide for themselves whether they want to belong or not. Not for the Labour Party to compel them to do so.”
Labour MP Chris Hipkins said this was “a lot of puffery” from Roy and she lacked a basic understanding of how Student Associations function.

“If the Act Party did believe in democratic process they wouldn’t be afraid of getting out there and campaigning for Voluntary Membership.” Instead they were legislating over students’ wishes, he said.

NZUSA Co-President Max Hardy said there had been a lack of leadership from the National Party.

“They have not fully fronted up and explained why they support it, and particularly why they are going against the overwhelming evidence and submissions received that showed just how destructive this Bill would be in practice.”

Labour had been trying to filibuster the Bill, but it now looks likely to become law and implemented from 1 January 2012.

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  1. Magonagal says:

    You guys at VUWSA only have yourselves to blame. The complete wastes of space that were elected to President or members of VUWSA and the abysmal antics they got up to have made it much easier for Roy and ACT to push this bill thru. It’s going to be law and you’ll have to deal with it. Start getting prepared now by reforming yourselves into a Student Association which appeals to the MAJORITY of students and not the fringe MINORITY which has been the norm till now!

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