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September 12, 2011 | by  | in Opinion |
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Women’s Rights Officer

Who likes tertiary education? Me. And hopefully all of you.

What’s so great about it? It furthers our education, evident from its name. But the stuff you learn from being at a university or polytech should be much more than just how to pass your courses. I’ve learned how people interact, how they talk to each other, how different their reactions can be, as well as how much of a misogynist Strindberg was. I haven’t just learned about Katherine Mansfield and Rudyard Kipling. I’ve learned about the people around me. It’s something you don’t get so much at school, whether it’s because you’re too young to care or you’re very unobservant. Whatever the case may be, the things that go on at university teach you so much more than just the academic side of life.

For instance, this week is Women’s Fest. There’s a full week of events lined up for your enjoyment and education. On Monday at noon sharp, there is a sex toy workshop in Meeting Room 2. You can learn about sex toys! Fun! Go, go, go (this event is for women only, as requested). On Tuesday we’re having a pot-luck luncheon starting at 12:30pm in SU218. I will be making something delicious. After that, Mary O’Regan is speaking about feminism back in the day. Later, the Blow the Whistle Campaign is launching. The campaign is about family violence.

On Wednesday, the YWCA and Positive Women are holding a Female Condom/International Paper Dolls workshop, which will be awesome. Time and place to be confirmed. Thursday is super busy, starting with a sexual health speaker at noon, followed by a stencilling workshop from 2-4pm. These will both be in Meeting Room 2, and there will be yummy snacks. The speaker event is open to women only, so people can ask lots of womany questions. Pub quiz in the evening! Then on Friday we’re having a full day of mural painting in the Women’s Room! I’m so excited! I got sparkly paint. Come get your creativity on! We’ll be starting about 11am. For more information, or if you have any questions, you can contact me at, and check out the Facebook events too!

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