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EYE on Exec – 26/09/11

With VUWSA President Seamus Brady caught up with more important engagements, his right-hand lady Vice-President (Academic) Bridie Hood—the woman that would be president 2012—chaired the executive’s meeting last week.

Salient had earlier been told by Hood that there would be shots at the meeting in order to make it a little more “fun”. To much disappointment, this was not the case. We can only hope that this is the only promise that 2012’s President-elect breaks.

There was a chipper mood in the air, probably due in part to the empty bottles of Coca Cola on the table. It is not known if Bourbon was also in the bottles. Either that, or the executive were just stoked to be in Salient’s presence. We like to think the best of people.

Brady sent his apologies for not attending, but Campaigns Officer Josh Van Veen was MIA. He also failed to submit a work report, to which the exec pointed out is the fourth or fifth consecutive time. JVV has not done anything for over a month, but, it was pointed out, he has not been paid.

Work reports passed with little comment—apart from Vice-President (Administration) Daniel Wilson’s incredulous question, “Jen went to a sex toy workshop?”
“Yes I did,” Education Officer Jennifer Fellows replied.

Wilson moved to officially affiliate six clubs to VUWSA: Indian Multi-Cultural Club, Society for Conservation Biology, Victoria International Theatre, Vic for MMP, Legalise Love (VUWSA’s support of which caused a stir at its AGM) and VUW Paintballers Society.

They then granted about $14,000 to various clubs and sports teams, and over $8000 in individual grants—most of which went to assisting members from Victoria’s Debating Society attend the World Universities’ Debating Championships.

VUWSA will be putting in a joint submission with the University against Steven Joyce’s change proposal, which will limit what the Student Services Levy can be spent on.
Hood then moved to congratulate Salient for their recent successes at the Aotearoa Student Press Association Awards, including the prestige of Best Publication. There was scattered applause from the exec.

Wilson then spoke of his time on the Publications Committee two weeks ago, which oversaw the appointment of 2012’s Salient co-editors, Vice-President (Welfare) Asher Emanuel and Ollie Neas. This was greeted with much louder applause. Salient looked to Hood to point out that 2011’s team were a hard act to follow, and were disappointed when no such praise was given.

The meeting closed after 25 minutes, with Salient sobbing “Why won’t they notice us?” into their hands.

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  1. Lexus says:

    That’s not just the best ansewr. It’s the bestest answer!

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