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February 27, 2012 | by  | in News |
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Very Serious Business

VUWSA President Breaks Law; Doesn’t Matter.

VUWSA President Bridie Hood’s presence at 2012’s initial University Council meeting was deemed illegal by Chancellor Ian McKinnon last week, as recent changes to the Council’s constitution mean the President’s seat will now be filled by the Chair of the yet-to-be-established Student Forum.

The Forum is set to take over from VUWSA as the representational body of students. Following the implementation of Voluntary Student Membership, VUWSA’s right to that title was taken away.

Hood was instead “co-opted” onto the council, until such time as the Student Forum is fully established and a Chair elected.

Little is known about the Student Forum, as its implementation came by stealth when Salient was out of production. But rest assured, we will endeavour to bring you comprehensive coverage of our new representational structure in the coming weeks, once the powers at be hand over the documents or update their website.


St. George Revealed a Pervert.

Operators of the hostel the Hotel St George on Willis Street have received a privacy complaint after posting videos of tenants on Facebook.

Footage included people dancing on tables, intoxicated tenants dancing with beer boxes on their heads, and a woman in a bathrobe.

Though the building manager said it was well received by those pictured, it prompted a complaint by a Victoria student who felt it was a violation of privacy.

The Building and Housing Department said it could not say whether the Residential Tenancies Act had been breached, as tenants may have individual agreements.

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  1. Max Hardy says:

    Just to clarify in case any one reads this: Bridie did not “break the law” by showing up to the meeting. Given that the meeting was public (which is why Salient can report on it) her presence at the meeting was also not “illegal”. By the time the meeting was private she had been co-opted and could therefore stay.

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