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March 19, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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Ngai Tauira

“I don’t want to do good things. I want to do great things.”

This quote of Lex Luthor from the Smallville TV series gives us an insight into the ways of the villain. He states here that his main concern is not about doing what is right but that he wants to be great; his desire is his own glory. This doesn’t mean he will do only bad things, but he has no boundaries when it comes to achieving his desires.

Luthor is prepared to do whatever it requires: he’d even murder his own father. Still everything he does has reasoning behind it: he has goals and he wants to make advances in the industries he has an interest in. He wants to change the world and make it a better place.

His intentions come across as good, but Superman is in his world. Superman does not do what he does for the glory; he does what he does because it is the right thing to do. He is the most powerful being on the planet and could easily take over the world. Luthor’s jealousy is manifested; through this his true intentions are made clear.

He becomes aware of his own shortcomings but instead of accepting them he tries to destroy the people’s symbol of integrity. He lures people to follow him, he buys them, he uses fear, and he uses many other deceitful tactics to make connections. He sees his ‘friends’ as networks, each person is a tool so that he can achieve his master plan. Luthor wants to create his own standard.

Superman isn’t from earth and he respects the people. Because they have accepted him he lives to help them. Quite easily he could have gone the wrong way but he was brought up by parents who taught him that living a great life is about honour. Therefore he respects those around him, listens to them and protects them. Despite his great abilities he still needs his Lois Lane.

The hero has grounding; though the man can fly, he still has someone who keeps him from flying away. Love gives him a home. It is love shown from others that keep people from losing their way; despite being in an alien surrounding he has a family.

Due to his own standards Luthor wants to rise above the people, he despises them and because of this he will remain caged up. Superman on the other hand has listened to the people, he lives by their standards and he is allowed to fly.

Tauira it is your time to fly we are here to support you and to see you flourish. You have the ability to become pioneers in your chosen fields of study. Don’t be someone who lives alone, living by your own standards. Seek wisdom from those around and you will become heroes. You will do good things and you will do great things.

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