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March 4, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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The Beauty of Purity

Is it in an outward appearance or can we judge something to be beautiful by its character? 

To be without blemish is a beautiful thing, yet we live in a world where everything deteriorates, where everything at some point fails. We as people age and we often fail; our bodies become scarred and get out of shape. Tragedies happen and failures arise.

It’s important to realise that at some point we all fail; failure is something that is common to all of us. Therefore, if we all fail then how can anyone be beautiful? All of us are different; this trait we also share as people. This difference goes beyond us, every animal and every tree, everything around us is unique. There is no point of reference we can see around to judge beauty. This is where I propose character as one point of reference; it is in the individual. It is those things that are relevant to their life and the circumstances they have faced.

There is always a reason why someone ends up in the position they are in. There are consequences to our actions and our actions can affect others. It is important to realise that our actions don’t just affect ourselves. We have the ability to build up or tear down the hopes of others; we have the ability to see them as beautiful or ugly. When we realise that we all fail it puts us in a position to forgive; it gives us an opportunity to overlook the failures of others. When one person owes something to another, they are both bound by an agreement and neither of them can move on until the debt is repaid.

If we choose forgiveness, we also choose freedom. Forgiveness frees us all to get on with the job that we are assigned to do.

When things go wrong, we are tested. It is in these times we get the opportunity to look inside ourselves and we get the opportunity to look at one another. This is when character comes to the surface. Do we sit around pointing the finger, shouting through a loudspeaker or do we get on with the job?

It is time to stop being armchair critics and activists and start getting the job done. This is where beauty shines through; in the purity of one’s intentions. An honest person will get the job done, they have a goal, they have vision, they are content with what they have and they have learnt to let go. Someone whose intentions are pure will not hold others accountable. Still they will detest selfishness, they will stand up against injustice and they will do this simply by doing their job.

As we embark on the year ahead let us put aside the finger pointing and let us work together. With pure hearts we can create something beautiful.

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