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Interview – Shitshow

Salient talks with the creators

DEAR NEAL, Please note our production is called “ShitShow”, not Shit Play. I have left it up to my fellow Bouffons to answer your questions. I’m sure you will find their answers insightful and inspiring. Regards, Sir Arthur Throbsbottom 

What is adaptive dramaturgy?

Tits. Tits and ass. Boobs and bumholes. But mainly tits

For that matter, what is “dramaturgy”?

See above. Also, minge.

Is this production part of your course-work/ assessment?

No we all love the shitloads of extra rehearsals and meetings we’ve had to do on top of our other University work. This is purely so we have no chance at a social life or leading a happy existence.

Why did you choose Ubu roi? or was it chosen by the Lecturer?

Can one truly CHOOSE Ubu Roi? Or does IT choose YOU? Also, herpes.

Is this the full play or excerpts?

Excerpts of what exactly? Asian porn? Documentaries about Child Labour? Because yes. And no. And yes. And menstruation.

What is the purpose of the project?

What’s the purpose of YOUR project? Jeez.

How has the group gone about the creative process?

Mainly naked.

Why the title ShitShow?

You’re shitting me right?

Is “The Unconventionals” simply the name you have chosen for this class production?

It came to me in a dream. MacGyver flew down on the back of a golden Unicorn, wielding a life size carboard cutout of Jesus. It was at this point that I noticed my erection. I’m not sure where this is going, but to answer your question, Poo noodle.

What influences does this production draw upon?

LSD. And Shrooms. Oh, and Yummy Mummys. Audiences are so used to seeing “shocking” things in other media, how does Shit Play ensure audiences are shocked whilst actually making a statement? Here’s a picture of a bunny.

What is the statement the play makes?

If we wanted to make a statement we would have organised a press conference. Fucks sake.

Is there a place for such shock-tactics in the theatre? Or, put another way, does the theatre need to be more shocking to keep abreast of other forms of entertainment?

Everyone loves tits. Thank you for writing Breast in your question. About fucking time we got to the point.

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