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May 14, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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VUWSA Presidential Address

This week Wellington will be descended upon by several thousand soon-to-be-graduates for the May Graduation ceremonies. Over three days, involving five ceremonies and two street parades around 2000 people will be awarded their degrees in front of their family, friends, peers and teachers.

There is always so much excitement in the air during Graduation week. Those hours spent completing your huge pile of readings, the never-ending essays, the tedious amount of time spent getting your bibliographies just right, the all night sessions spent finishing your projects and the countless numbers spent in the lab. Graduation is a time when all that hard work, all that commitment finally pays off. For me, this week is even more exciting because I will be joining the 2000 other students in graduating. Bring on the somewhat heinous baby-pink-furred truncher! It’s times like this when you reconsider your BA and wish you had done a BSc—I’ve always been more of a dark blue girl myself.

But seriously, on behalf of VUWSA I would like to congratulate all the students who will be graduating this week. Graduating from University is a big deal, I think it is something that we, as University students, sometimes take for granted. So if you are graduating this week, take a step back and think about the path that got you to this point—before you know it the ceremony will be over, your gown will be back in storage and you will be back to your everyday life.

I hope you enjoy your day in the sun (or rain as Wellington will probably have it), take lots of pictures and live up all the praise from your friends and family—you totally deserve it!

One of the important things that VUWSA is currently working on at the moment is a submission on the Wellington City Council’s Draft Long Term Plan. The draft plan sets out what the Council is proposing to do over the next ten years and because students are an integral part of Wellington City, it’s important we have our say. We’ll be running polls and surveys on the VUWSA facebook page ( vuwsa) and we will also have paper surveys at the VUWSA Kelburn Office. We would love to hear what your views are—so we can feed it up to the people in power!

Finally, just a quick reminder about the VUWSA Governance Review. I’ve written about the review at length in one of my President’s columns before, but I just wanted to remind you all that the first round of consultation on the review closes on Tuesday at 5pm. We want to hear what your views are on our current governance structure—what is working well, what is going OK and what could be improved. This will not be your only opportunity to provide feedback into the review, but getting students’ initial comments and feedback is an important part of helping us to direct the next stage of this review.

All the best for this week. Stay safe, stay dry, stay warm. To all the graduates—I’ll see you for a reunion at the Big K on Thursday night!

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