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May 21, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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VUWSA Treasurer

VUWSA Must Be Taking A Toll On Me

My Economics lecturer exclaimed to my classmates that I “look like I could be in the Occupy movement”. I know the entire bureaucratic lingo now–“terms of reference”, “green papers” or even “a extended review of the service delivery of our core food based activities and analysing the opinions of our key stakeholders”, commonly known as “deciding where to go to for lunch”.

But, looking back on the last five months, I am really impressed with my colleagues at VUWSA. Behind the fortress of green, there is a bunch of hardworking, dedicated students who want to see our student experience prosper. They do it without fuss, and for wages that would make Greece look like the bastion of economic prosperity. Of course, we get it wrong sometimes. We sometimes let our own personal views obstruct perhaps what is best for students. I sometimes forget to attend my Biomedical Science lectures. But which organization doesn’t have its issues? This year, we at VUWSA are changing. More than ever, we need you to contribute. More than ever, we are opening our ears and trying to listen.

A big part of this consultation in through two reviews we are currently undertaking: our service review and our governance review. Our service review is all about finding out what VUWSA should be providing to continue to be financially sustainable and future-proofed. We need your say though. Our governance review is all about the way we structure the way students operate, and have their say in, VUWSA. Thus, it is vitally important we hear what you have to say.

The first round of submissions for these have now both ended but there will be a second round of consultation very soon. This will be even more important than the first round, as these will be some direct actions VUWSA will be looking to take, so without your views, we could be doing the wrong thing by students. The second round of submissions for the governance review will be beginning on June 11th and the second round for the service review is to be announced.

In the meantime, check out the “Out for Consultation” section of the VUWSA website. A link has been included below for your convenience. Don’t put up with a mediocre student experience and education; empower your students’ association to be your voice. The only way you can make your voice heard though, is by opening your mouth.

You can air your opinions to VUWSA by following the following link below: 

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