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VUWSA Environment Officer

Week three say what?! It’s always around this time of the year that I start to panic and write to-do lists. Because we at VUWSA are generous souls, I thought I’d do the decent thing and share my latest list for your copy/pasting pleasure.

Monday 30 July. Uni@ 10am. Require sugar rush around 11am. Visit Generation Zero’s makeshift dining room by Student Union Building. Donate money in attempt to balance the Government’s private:public transport budget; receive homemade baking. Probably don’t buy enough pieces of cake to make up the $3 billion shortfall in funding for public transport but do talk to members of Generation Zero about their transport campaign and other projects. Spend remainder of day sitting on overly comfy couch.

Tuesday 31 July. Wear sturdy shoes to school today. Walk to Club K tennis courts during lunch break. Meet the Society of Conservation Biology (and maybe a Wellington City Councillor). Plant tree; mark place at Victoria.

Wednesday 1 August. Remember to bring bag of old clothes sitting in bedroom to Memorial Theatre Foyer. Donate clothes, obtain token from Veg*ns@Vic, swap token for more clothes. Put together fabulous vintage outfit. Be the envy of friends.

Thursday 2 August. Put on fabulous vintage outfit; decide that it is too cold to wear it today. Visit SU217 between 2 and 4pm. Chill out, drink tea, chat with Gareth Hughes from the Green Party. Realise that flat is colder than it could be. Learn to knit scarf and make door snake. Write note to self:  buy temporary double glazing from Sustainability Trust.

Friday 3 August. Arrive@uni. See sign: “Insert skylight here.” Think of other possibilities to make campus more sustainable. Get excited. Attend ‘Ideas Afternoon’ in Meeting Room 2 of the Student Union Building. Eat snacks, hear former Environmental Officer and all-round excellent guy Tushara Kodikara talk about how to make Vic carbon neutral, get more excited. Hear New Zealanders talking about a move to nationwide carbon neutrality, and Australians speaking about how they made Sydney University carbon neutral. Get really excited; have awesome chats about making campus carbon neutral.

Saturday 4 August. Wake up; feel awesome about self. Resolve to become a truly sustainable student.

So there we go, that’s your ready-made Week Three agenda. Copy/paste, then eat, plant, reuse, craft, and chat your way to becoming a sustainable student. I’ll see you there!

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