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August 6, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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Roxy Heart

Hey Roxy Heart. I am writing because I have a problem that is kind of personal, and I don’t really want to work through it with any of my girlfriends. My boyfriend and me have been doing anal for a while now, and we both really enjoy it. The thing is, as we’ve gone longer and longer we’ve been starting to use less lube and less of a “build up”, and it’s starting to hurt. Obviously I should just tell him to take it slow, right? Well, there’s two problems. The first is that my boyfriend is kind of emotional, and I worry that if I tell him that he’s been hurting me it will really upset him. Secondly, I actually kind of like the pain. Is it OK to keep doing something if it hurts? Should I tell my boyfriend?

Hello letter-writer, this is your anus. I am writing to inform you that when I hurt, it isn’t just because I am being a nuisance, but instead to warn you that what you’re doing could be risky. If you are too rough with me I may break, and when your butt breaks (for example, an anal fissure), a very long and difficult process of rehabilitation awaits you. Take it easy on me, please!

Roxy generally endorses your anus’ views. While there is nothing wrong with getting off on pain (and lots of people do, from spanking, to nipple twisting, to biting, to driving nails through scrotums), and the inherent emotional intensity of pain coupled with erotic tension has an obvious attraction, self-preservation should never be neglected. The anus in particular is a very vulnerable area. The lining of the rectum is very thin and fragile, and ripping what is basically a sack of shit has obvious hygiene concerns. Healing wounds there takes time, and could knock anal off the menu for months.

But what about your newly blooming pain desires? Well, there are plenty of ways you can explore that with far less risk. Get him to spank you with a paddle, apply clips to your nipples or do myriad other violent things to your body. You’re unlikely to spank your butt until it breaks, and twisting has yet to remove any nipples I am aware of. While these acts are a lot safer, you should still be careful, of course: Roxy doesn’t want your nipples to be the first.
<3, Roxy.

Roxy, I am really worried about my penis. It’s always had a noticeable bend in it, and it leans to the right. Is that normal?

Your penis is fine.
<3, Roxy.

Hello Roxxy. I havhe had a bit to drnkk and I am writig to you about my cock I thniknk  its like really small and it fuckign upsetsf me. Will girls still leik me? I… [snip]

Your penis is fine.
<3, Roxy.

My boyfriend’s penis has really noticeable veins and when he’s hard it turns pretty red. Is that OK? He’s not overdoing it or anything?

His penis is fine.
<3, Roxy.

I just went to the bathroom and I think I saw some weird shit come of my dick. Do I need to go to the doctor? I fucking hate the doctor, and I don’t want them touching my dick. Will it get better on its own? It doesn’t really hurt or anything.

This penis doesn’t sound fine. Go to the doctor.
<3, Roxy.

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