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Student Health

Gym Routine

For the guys who like lifting big weights at the gym (or girls, depending what you’re into), is throwing too much tin at the gym giving you shoulder, neck or back pain? This is really common and can come from a poorly balanced gym routine or poor control/stability at your shoulder.

Love your bench press? I bet your weekly routine consists of chest and arms, chest and shoulders and then chest and legs because chicken legs look funny. While having small back muscles looks funnier, it ends up giving you a muscle imbalance that can lead to injury and that odd hunched forward posture that chicks dig. So don’t overlook a good lat pull down. Bench press is especially good at making the muscles that stabilise your shoulder inactive, as your ‘scapula’ (shoulder blade) muscles get to be lazy and don’t have to control the movement.

You can help this by doing some chest exercises that don’t involve using a bench (e.g. press ups). Almost everyone that comes in with true shoulder problems has poor scapula control, so I would highly recommend throwing a bit of this into your workout.

What Do Do In The Acute Stages Of Injury

So you sprained your ankle last night huh? We could comfort you with the statement “Cankles are totally in this season” but instead of being jackasses, we’ll give you some advice.

Take care of yourself

• Rest: Dad’s advice of “walk it off, son” doesn’t always apply.

• Ice: For 20 minutes two time daily for the first two days (or just stick it out your bedroom window).

• Compression: Pop a compression bandage on it to minimise swelling.

Elevation: Try to keep your foot above your heart every now and then.

Avoid harm

Heat: Although so toasty, placing a hottie (either meaning) on your ankle will only increase the damage.

Alcohol: However much it dulls your pain/ conscience it also dilates your blood vessels and promotes more bleeding.

Return to sport: Anything that puts excessive load through your injury should wait until inflammation has stopped (48 hours).

Massage: A rub over your injury within 48 hours isn’t ideal. Again more damage. Get her/him to massage somewhere else.

Why Exercise Can Help With Top Marks

Wondering how you can improve your grades this coming semester? Here’s one of your answers! EXERCISE! If exercises were a pill, it would be the most cost-effective drug ever invented. Unfortunately, no such pills exist so get off your couch and get your butt moving!

Thirty minutes of moderate exercise such as jogging, swimming and gyming can increase the volume and efficiency of blood to your brain, which means your brain is getting more oxygen. Hence your brain can concentrate better and keep more information in.

Studies have shown that exercise can cause new brain cell growth in the hippocampus (It’s not an animal…), an area of the brain that controls and stores memory. This extra storage space can definitely aid you in churning out quality assignments and owning tests to pass your papers with above average grades! It takes commitment but it’s definitely worth the marks!

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