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Things You Already Know But Just Need To Be Told

Things To Remember/Notes A Manifesto on Living

Sometimes it’s just okay to run away. You are allowed to be afraid. You are allowed to be sad. Stop feeling guilty for feeling negative emotions. You wouldn’t judge someone else for being sad or scared, so why do you judge yourself for it?

There is always someone out there who cares about you. No matter how big you fuck up, how much egg you end up with on your face, there is someone who still cares. You may feel like you’ve become alienated or disconnected from everyone. But you haven’t. The only way you will get out of the emotional pit you so often find yourself in will be to remember that.

Nothing is new. Everything has been done. But nothing has been new for like a thousand years so just get over it. Everything has been done, yeah. But for fucking ages and everyone since then seems to have gotten by just fine.

Everyone feels just as out of their depth as you do. Yes, all of them. Yes, all of the time.

The moment you stop patterning yourself on anyone other than yourself is the moment all the stress of expectation will fall from your shoulders.

You will feel so much more in control of your life if you get straight out of bed when you wake up. Even more so if you give yourself half an hour between being ready and actually leaving the house.

I don’t care what it’s about but if you have to put a subject-based prefix on your genre of music it will be terrible. This is equally as true about nerd rock as it is about Christian rock. Taking something enjoyed by lots of people and awkwardly inserting references or ideas to appeal to a niche isn’t empowering.

It’s pandering.

I love Steven Moffat but his boner for River Song is just way too huge.

Smiling and nodding is not the appropriate response to anything. Just tell people. Just listen. Just ask. Good things come to those who pipe the fuck up. The line between being “polite” and being irritatingly meek is basically non-existent. Seriously, it just better to just say you can’t do something and lose a little face than be a few months down the line letting everyone down and clawing at your chest to let out the ouch.

Don’t mess with the Scientologists. It’s not worth it.

Everything you find irritating in other people is something you do too. We are designed to hate copies of ourselves. That’s why you have so much more in common with the people you hate than with your friends.

As bad as it can feel to be an unfairly shot messenger, you have to realise that there are times when you’re not the messenger, but the executioner instead. When someone is pissy at you, remember that maybe they actually might have good reason. You are not perfect, you’ve never pretended to be. So, allow your doubt to teach you about how you are with people sometimes.

More people fail at business than will ever fail at art.

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Uther was one of the two arts editors in 2009. He was the horoscopier and theatre writer in 2010. Alongside Elle Hunt, Uther was coeditor in 2011.

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