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Eye On Exec


Because several executive members were absent, Salient was allowed to sit at the meeting table, instead of on the chair with stains in the corner of the room as per usual.

“Is there any other urgent general business?” said President Bridie Hood.

“Mrmgrgh,” said Women’s Officer Sara Bishop with her mouth full of food, Salient already considering if it was wise to sit at the meeting table for risk of being showered in lemon cup cake biscuit.

It turned out Bishop wished to ask executive members if they would fill out documents intended to streamline handover to the next year’s executive. Members agreed this was

a good idea, and grumbled about the poor handover they had received from the previous executive at the beginning of their own term.

Hood told the executive that a letter had been sent to Vice-Chancellor Pat Walsh regarding their position on the Student Forum.

The letter, which the executive had previously resolved to send in a previous executive meeting, told Walsh that the forum lacked a “student mandate” as well as “democratic legitimacy and accountability.” It had reportedly already made its way around the senior management team.

She also announced that Vice-President (Welfare) Rory McCourt and herself were planning a large stress free study week, including free breakfast lunch and dinner.

The executive passed a motion that VUWSA hold a referendum in concert with the elections that would ask students: “Should VUWSA support the Marriage Equality Bill currently before the parliament?”

Although VUWSA had already passed the same motion at its SGM two weeks ago, the referendum was requested by one student who told Salient he felt “there was inadequate representation of the student body to make a decision on their behalf about such an important issue.”

The student said the core issue of the referendum was whether VUWSA should “represent a wide range of differing opinions within the student body” or be subject to a democratic majority.

“It should be clear that whether you as an individual support the bill or not is not the issue we are voting on in this referendum,” he said.

The meeting then moved into committee, on which Salient cannot report.

When the executive emerged from committee, McCourt began presenting VUWSA’s submission to the Greater Wellington Bus Review, which proposed giving students concession fares.

When McCourt had finished, the meeting ended and Bishop offered Salient a biscuit.

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