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September 10, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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Unpopular Fashion Choice Of The Week

Tight as pants

People who wear tights as pants tend to get a hard time from their fellow clothes-wearers. Admittedly, I have never worn tights as pants. I don’t really know what a legging may or may not be. I am a non-thespial male who tends to conform to society’s long-held gender-apparel norms. I rarely even wear kilts, despite my alleged Scottish ancestry. I have no right to
be in this debate, but dammit, I’m weighing in. There must be some advantage to wearing tights as a single, homogenous layer. It allows one to show off one’s legs, for better or worse, and probably grants a greater range of hip and knee motion. Being more ready for sports can only be a good thing. Soloing tights must shave crucial seconds off the time it takes to dress oneself in the morning or mid-afternoon, and I imagine it’s badass to feel like you’re Peter Pan, all the time. That benefit alone is overwhelming. So what if people can essentially see your bum? It’s not your actual skin, or anything. Loosen up, tightophobes.

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