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Election Carnage


Celebrations took a turn towards the confrontational after newly elected Vice- President (Welfare) Simon Tapp was arrested for “breaching the peace” at the Big Kumara late Friday evening, after VUWSA election results were announced at the Hunter Lounge.

He tweeted “Your VPW cares. Your VPWis boozed. These are compatible” early in the evening before being involved in a police raid of the Big K that resulted in what Tapp described as “a ridiculous unwarranted arrest”.

Former Presidential hopeful, Jackson Freeman, and others associated with VUWSA were reportedly escorted outside by police for “standard questioning”. Queer Officer Genevieve Fowler asserted that one became “very aggressive” towards her, and Tapp began “getting in the face of the Police,” said Big K Bouncer and Post- Graduate Student, Joshua Giddy.

Police conduct regular conduct raids on bars in Wellington “to make sure everybody is following the rules, ” said Giddy.

Despite the bar staff’s attempts to calm him down, Tapp was arrested after he threatened the police.

“[I] didn’t even step foot in a cell,” he said.

Instead, Tapp claimed to have “found a power-tripping officer with terrible judgement” and intends to lay a complaint with the Independent Police Complaints Authority.

Election carnage began when a window was broken in Hunter Lounge by a Freeman supporter attempting to open an unopenable window. The breaker was adamant it was unintentional, although it is rumoured he had funnelled a bottle of wine or two before the event.

On Saturday he received surgery for his hand, presumably injured in the break.

Three thousand votes were cast during the election, with a turnout of 22 per cent; relatively high in comparison to previous years.

“It has to be one of the highest turnouts ever in VUWSA elections and also one of the highest SA election turnouts nationally,” said incumbent President Bridie Hood.

She attributed this to the referendum and the public and competitive Presidential race.

“Hopefully with the new Engagement Vice President, we can work to ensure that 20 per cent-plus voter turnouts are not just one-off- occurrences,” she said.

Rory McCourt was elected President by a margin of about three hundred votes. The referendum “Should VUWSA support the Marriage Equality Bill currently before Parliament?” passed with 84 per cent in favour.

The rest of the election results can be found at results/

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