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October 1, 2012 | by  | in Opinion |
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On Campus

Confident about non confidencia

This week we spoke to the elusive VUWSA election candidate: Non Confidencia. Having slipped away after dinner with Italian parents, we managed to have a word with him about what makes him the pick of the lot.

Elections for VUWSA are just around the corner, what makes you the ideal candidate?
I’ve promised to hold a party at mine (17 Central Terrace) if I win, for all Kelburn campus residents. Mum is making a pizza which will go real quick and dad has some brews in the fridge but not heaps. It will be good. Oh and Scopa Cafe has promised to put on its usual cheap Tuesday deals.

Scopa always does that though?

I guarantee they would keep doing it if I win.

What do you expect to get out of being the VUWSA president at a personal level?

Bitches, predominantly.

Will you be looking to target any particular student demographics in your lead-up campaign?

Latinos. There are several of us here at Kelburn campus but I’m unsure about Pipitea. I think all sorts go there, right? Aside from Latinos, I would say just everybody.

The end of last year saw the passing of legislation that cut mandatory membership of student associations. Do you have an opinion on this?
To be honest I hardly even know what VUWSA stands for.

Wait, what? What do you think it stands for? The anagram, we mean.
Barking up the wrong tree, guys.

What is your position on a Victoria University Beauty pageant?
Is there not one already? That’s a shame, I know a beautiful girl that would win it hands down. I would judge it and she would win.

But that’s corruption!

My friends, my friends… Such is life!

A few weeks ago VUWSA’s made up its mind in favour of gay marriage. Is the role of VUWSA to be actively campaigning on such political issues?

Well, I’m campaigning, that’s why we are doing this interview at the end of the day, so I guess it’s fair that they campaign for things, too, but politics is a different beast. I’m not so sure about that. I’d say it’s a good thing, but conditionally. I’ll get back to you on that next week.

Which way do you swing on the issue?

I’m straight.

No, but do you support gay marriage? That’s more what we were asking..
I guess so? Yeah? Not sure. Why’s that?

Hey buddy, we ask the questions okay? Because it’s topical.

Are you really sorry?

Do you want me to be??

We ended it there and wished Non Confidencia the best of luck in the forthcoming elections and in life as well. If you’re really stuck on whom to go for, throw him a bone give him ya tick! He’s actually not that bad once you get to know him. 

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