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Easter: A Hare-y Tale

ThE lAsT suPPEr

One Thursday night, Esther Bunny gathered her friends: Peter, Andrew, James Flopsy, John, Philip, Thomas, Bartholomew, Matthew, James Mopsy, Thaddeus, Simon Cottontail, and Judas MacGregor, around for a Vast Supper. Everyone was having a great time, chatting happily and nibbling carrots, but Esther could not shake the feeling she had that things might not always be so fluffy. With a twitch of her ears and a shake of her tail, Esther stood up. “Bunnies; you are good bunnies,” she said, “I want you to always be good bunnies. Go forth and multiply, as you were intended.” With this, she gave each bunny a slice of carrot cake. “Take this cake, and nibble on it. It is my body. Munch, and know that I am with you.”


But, as Esther had suspected, things were no longer fluffy. The next day, Judas Macgregor, a hare in bunny’s clothing, betrayed her to the farmers—enemies to all of bunny-kind. They strung her up on a cross, poking and prodding at her bunny belly, stripping all the fluff off her body and stripping her of her life. Esther was a hair away from death, knowing that it wouldn’t be long until her little leporine days were over. “I’ve bucked the trend of life,” she said, and hopped away to heaven.

ThE rEsurrECTIoN

That Sunday, when Mary Bunny came to weep at Esther’s tomb, she found the door of the hutch open. Peering in with her excellent night-vision, she could find no sign of Esther. “This is unbuniveable!” she cried, cursing the rabbit who had hopped away with Esther’s body. News travelled fast; with a flick of a nose or quiver of an ear, all the bunnies knew that she had disappeared. But not into some rabbit hole; Esther was still hopping around, and soon came across her friends from the Vast Supper—except for Judas the hare. “how are you here?” they cried, “we’re all ears!”

“It’s my Esther miracle,” she said, a miracle which she performed for 40 days, before finally, actually, hopping off to heaven.

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