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MPs Hit Da Clubs (Week)

National Party, Steven Joyce

Salient: What do you think of Clubs Week?

Joyce: This is so much better than when I was at university. Back then it was before electric light so we did it by candlelight in the quad at Massey. I don’t know, it was always a fun thing orientation.

S: What kind of fun?
J: Well you know there was club days for example, like these, there were orientation week activities, oh what do you call them? Social functions.

S: Was there much of the stuff that gets Otago in the paper?
J: I think there was back then, yes there was.

S: Did you partake in any of that?
J: Oh absolutely not. And even if I did I didn’t inhale!

S: So think this compares pretty well?
J: What I think really compares well is this new set up in here, its great aye. Its very good! I’m trying to remember the last time I was here at Vic, you had that sort of area which was basically like a concrete rabbit warren with bricks, I seem to remember the bricks. This is moderately better than that, and I think it’s fantastic!

S: Does John Key run an orientation thing for Ministers?
J: He did when we started.

S: Did it involve a toga?
J: No, it didn’t involve a toga.

S: Did it involve any drinking games?

J: No, no there were no drinking games, no togas. In fact in nearly every respect it was unlike the university orientation.

S: How do you think VSM’s going?
J: I think it’s going okay, I think we’ve got to keep an eye on that whole sort of accountability part of it. So this year we’ve effectively rolled over with a few changes for funding determination. I want to make sure the students are actually happy with the money that’s being spent.

S: Can you give us three tips that you would like to have given to yourself in hindsight as a student?
J: 1) Keep going forward on your studies because it’s really important and it’s only going to more important. I think it is going to be more competitive in the years, so use your time wisely. So that’s a bit of fatherly advice.

2) Also enjoy yourself because it’s a special time of your life. And you meet lots of people, and some of those friendships will be with you forever and that’s pretty cool.

3) Get some good sleep.


Labour Party, Morgan Woods

Salient: So are you having a good time today?

Morgan: I’m having a wonderful time, it’s a great energy and there’s so many people coming up to the VicLabour stall which is fantastic to see.

S: How does this compare to your O-Week when you went to uni?

M: I think there’s a lot more clubs than there were when I started university at Canterbury.

S: Was there much of the stuff that gets Otago in the papers come orientation?
M: No we were never as exciting as Otago in our orientations, we had some fantastic bands thoug h. I remember seeing The Bats and The Chills and JPS Experience, a whole lot of the really big Dunedin sound bands playing up at Canterbury.

S: And does David Shearer run an orientation for the Labour caucus every year?
M: Yeah we have it really good at the beginning of the term, so when the new MPs come in so. I came in after the last election so there’s a really good cross-party orientation that’s been formulated which you do with the whole intake, which I think’s really valuable. But we do a really good orientation with all our MPs as well.

S: Does any of it involve yardies?
M: Nope there’s no yardies. But there is some good instruction on how to ask a written question.

S: Probably more useful. Do you have three tips you could give in hindsight to your student-self?
M: 1) Essays don’t magically write themselves, even if you’ve photocopied all the materials.

2) Sitting in the cafe while you’ve left your stuff in the library doesn’t mean that you’re actually in the library, even though your stuff is.

3) Autosummarize on Word is not a way to get out of the fact you’ve written 4000 words for a 2000 word essay. It never makes any sense.


Green Party, Russel Norman

Salient: What do you think of clubs day?
Russell: There’s lots of students so thats always a good sign, and they seem to be engaging with it.

S: Have you had much interest in the Young Greens stall, many people wanting to get involved?
R: When I was up there before there was a steady stream of people signing up.

S: How does it compare to your O-Week when you were at university?
R: It’s probably pretty similar, though when I was at university they were introducing student fees so it was a very highly politically charged time, because students were hit with all the overtones around the big battle over the introduction of fees.

S: Was orientation during your time like the stuff that gets Otago in the paper these days? Any couch burning, toga-wearing?
R: Well I was at the University of Queensland, but yeah we did get in quite a lot of trouble.

S: But not you personally?
R: Oh never never, no, course not.

S: Does the Green Party have like a orientation festivities for the start of the year?
R: We have an orientation for our new MPs.

S: Anything involving togas?
R: No not that I’ve noticed but you know, I don’t know what they get up to in their own offices.

S: Can you think of any tips that in hindsight you would like to have told your student self going into uni?
R: 1) Don’t do medicine because you might pull out, and then be a medical student drop out.

2) If I was gonna be boring I’d say work hard at the start and get a few papers done and dusted before you really start partying really hard. Just so you kind of feel like you’re on top of it at the start even if things start to unravel later.

S: Any final words you would like to say?
R: It was the best time of my life, university, and I miss it immeasurably because it’s an opportunity to think and learn, it’s a remendously exciting time.

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