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Beer’d – Where to drink in Wellington

Where can you drink good beer in Wellington? For students on a budget, it’s usually best to drink at home, with a bottle or rigger, picked up fresh from the brewery, or from regional Wines & Spirits. On the other hand, if you’re not utterly crippled by student debt, you might like to drop into one of Wellington’s numerous craft beer bars.

These days there are too many of them for me to give you the full rundown, but here’s a brief list of where to drink a good beer:

Starting with the newest kids in town, if the sun is shining, check out the Rogue & Vagabond. it opens out onto Glover Park and has a resident bulldog.

If you find yourself on Courtenay Pl, you should drop into the Malthouse. it’s Wellington’s oldest beer bar, and good for introducing your less geeky friends to beer.

If you want to hang out with all the cool people, go to little Beer Quarter. LBQ is tucked away on Edward St and is probably my number-one pick for a casual beer of an evening.

If you feel like drinking beer where it’s actually brewed, or want to see an actual brewery (because you have a stainless-steel fixation), then your best choice is to head to the Fork & Brewer on Bond St.

To immerse yourself in complete beer-geekery, your number one destination has to be Hashigo Zake on Taranaki St. billing itself as a ‘Cult beer bar’, it’s loaded with the best of local and international craft breweries. Now in the interest of full disclosure: I used to work
there, but it’s still my number one bar for all things beer.

If you want good food with good beer, there’s really only one choice: The Hop Garden on Pirie St. if you want, you can just pop into the bar for a beer, or you can sit down in the restaurant area for some seriously excellent food.

Finally, if you find yourself in Newtown, head to Bebemos on the corner of Riddiford and Hall Streets. Bebemos is vaguely South american in theme but the beers are locally focussed and they do daily specials (Cider Wednesdays are my favourite).

There are quite a few more, with at least one more on the way, but those are my favourite spots around Wellington. The beautiful thing about Wellington is that many bars and even licensed cafes are carrying good beer. Sooner or later you’ll find your own favourite places.

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