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April 15, 2013 | by  | in Opinion |
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RIP You Amazing Woman

The Ninth of April 2013 shall forever be known to me now as one of the saddest days in my life. I awoke to a blitz of tweets and texts to let me know the person responsible for the intellectual foundations for Tories of my generation had passed. Margaret Hilda Thatcher was not just one person, not just a Prime Minister of a country, she was the head of a revolution carried out in her name.

Winston Churchill is often held up as the best 20th-century UK Prime Minister. Beating the shit out of the greatest evil the world has ever faced deserves that accolade. Margaret Thatcher beat an enemy far more insidious and—in my view—plain evil enemy. The British Trade Unions. The Conservative Government in which she served as a minister during 1970-1974 was crippled, then destroyed by the trade unions. The successor Labour Government which she toppled in 1979 was also crippled by trade unions. One of the very first think tanks, the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA) pointed this out to Thatcher. The IEA argued that union power was ruining Britain and all economic ills could be attributed to union power. When she took office, she systematically crushed union power, piece by piece. Inflation got down to normal levels, interest rates went down, and after an initial period of bleak unemployment the British economy grew 23 per cent under her Premiership.

Once she stopped the British economy being systematically wrecked, she started to grow it. Privatisations of things governments should not own, like telecommunications and gas in public share offerings (sound familiar?), created an ownership society. She gave those in state houses the opportunity to buy their own homes, which had a huge take-up. Many people switched from voting Labour to Conservative and still do to this day, because Maggie helped them buy their first house. By giving the Argentinians a thorough hiding, standing up to the creeping socialism of the European Union, and forging a transatlantic partnership with Ronald Reagan, she made Great Britain great once again. She also helped to you know, do that little thing called bringing down the Soviet Union.

I could wax on all day about her immense achievements. Thatcher saved her country, and made the market supreme in public policy—something not challenged in thirty-five years. She was simply, The Greatest.

If you are left-wing, this has probably offended you. That was the point.

Rest in peace you marvellous angel, you were too good for this world. Hope you have privatised heaven by the end of this financial quarter.

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