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May 6, 2013 | by  | in Opinion |
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Girl Math with Rachael Ray

Until recently, I have been indulging in watching a little extra RRay on the side of my dying real life of 3D human interactions #Socially awkward #YOLO

Halfway through my usual sprawled out meat husk, drool-oozing mouth, braindead RayRay fix, I just so happened to be mentally conscious enough (unlike most of Rachael’s real life, American, zombie apocalypse audience) to pay attention to her half-witted measuring technique, coined “Girl Math”.

Oh Rachael, naive Rachael that was your last and final mistake. I’m angry—and crazy, to make matters worse. In a blind rage, I email. I send a strongly worded email addressed straight to Rachael herself. Does Rachael not condone the advancement of women in mathematical (or any academic) fields?

Enraged, I couldn’t sleep. Curiouser and curiouser, next I google. “Rachael Ray-Maths” In the list of results, an interview with Mrs Obama caught my eye, titled: “First Lady Michelle Obama tells Rachael why she passes her daughters’ Math homework to their Dad” …The fuck is this? Can everyone just calm the fuck down for a second? And let me think, why is everyone being such a hater of the M-sub?

Time for some hard-hitting, badly referenced facts:

Fact numero-uno:
The area of the brain associated with registering physical pain also activates when maths-anxious people anticipate completing a math problem.(someone at University of Chicago).

Fact numero-duo:
Women are 60 per cent more likely than men to suffer from anxiety disorder over their lifetime (so says the American Mental Health Institute).

(Cue: Scientific cringe) So, Rachael, with the above in mind, is this why on international television you proclaimed the new and revolutionary subject of ‘girl math’? You were looking out for the health of the average American woman who is at high risk of developing an anxiety disorder when faced with the challenge of real mathematical thinking?

Well, thanks, but in all honesty, I’d rather be an anxious pill-popping individual who doesn’t give up or substitute a real challenge for a more feminine or “girlesque” alternative.

I will be watching my mPro Screen for your reply, Rachael. Until then, you have lost one more discerning viewer.

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