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Notes from the Fourth Estate

Last week it was discovered that Wellington Regional Councillors have been asked to remain tight-lipped when asked by Salient about their position on the Fairer Fares Campaign.

Deputy Chair of the Transport Committee and Wellington Regional Councillor for Lower Hutt Peter Glensor said he would not say
whether he supported the campaign and “recommended his colleagues to do the same.”

In an email, Glensor said he was concerned that Salient had reported in Issue 6 that “five of my colleagues, on the strength of having their photo taken alongside a Fairer Fares person, have made that commitment.”

“That is certainly not what the five are saying to me and the other councillors,” he said.

But, contrary to Glensor’s accusations, Salient contacted all 13 Councillors individually for both issues, and it was on that basis that they were reported as being in support of the campaign.

Further, fellow Councillor Daran Ponter asserted that Glensor did not speak for him.

“I support the student campaign, but I would prefer a nationwide solution,” he said.

This week’s report shows that Council support has shifted, with five Councillors on board the campaign and five at the bus stop, while three did not respond before Salient went to print.


On Board:

Nigel Wilson: Kapiti Coast, 8438 votes in 2010 election
Chris Laidlaw: Wellington, 25,124 votes in 2010 election
Paul Bruce: Wellington, 16,142 votes in 2010 election
Daran Ponter: Wellington, 14,996 votes in 2010 election
Sandra Greig: Lower Hutt, 14,736 votes in 2010 election

At the Stop:

Peter Glensor: Lower Hutt, 15,712 votes in 2010 election
Prue Lamason: Lower Hutt, 13,973 votes in 2010 election
Paul Swain: Upper Hutt, 5117 votes in 2010 election
Gary McPhee: Wairarapa, 6681 votes in 2010 election
Fran Wilde: Wellington, 29,723 votes in 2010 election

Unknown (Did not respond before Salient went to print):

Jenny Brash: Porirua-Tawa, 11,553 votes in 2010 election
Barbara Donaldson: Porirua-Tawa, 7292 votes in 2010 election
Judith Aitken: Wellington, 19,809 votes in 2010 election

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