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Top Five Free Video Games

So you’ve suddenly found yourself poor. Your bills are stacking up, plain rice is the only thing you’ve eaten all week, and you’ve been coughing up funny-coloured goo from all the mould in your flat. Need a perk-up? Here are five great free-to-play games!

Burrito Bison Revenge (Juicy Beast, 2012)

This incredibly addictive Flash game will definitely eat up your Sunday afternoon, or at least your two-hour-long lecture. Think an ‘endless runner’-type game, except you’re a luchador bison destroying gummy bears in a candy world. Perfect for when you need a quick distraction.

Desktop Dungeons (QCF Design, 2011)

Both endless (it’s all randomly generated) and challenging, this game lets you lead your small, hand-picked group of adventurers to the centre of a monster-filled maze. Requiring both tactics and planning, Desktop Dungeons is an excellent puzzle experience.

Lord of the Rings Online (Turbine, 2007)

As free massively multiplayer online games go, this is absolutely the best. You’ll get a full MMO experience—adventuring with friends, collecting loot, chatting, and probably insomnia—without having to spend a single cent. You’ll only need to download a large-ish client file to play—remember that unsecured Wi-Fi network you walked past last week?

Kingdom Rush (Ironhide Games, 2011); Cursed Treasure 2 (IriySoft, 2011)

These two tower-defence games are as mesmerising as they are strategic. If you’re in need of something to challenge you while not taking up your entire screen and mind, either of these are ideal. The former is colourful and cheery, while the latter is darker and a little more intense. There are countless tower-defence games out there, but these are certainly among the best.

League of Legends (Riot Games, 2009)

If you’re feeling competitive and also don’t mind a steep-ish learning curve while you get to know the ropes, this is the place to be. LoL is an adversarial multiplayer game that requires quick thinking and cooperation within teams. Popular enough to be played professionally while being accessible enough to have around 12 million players daily, if you like multiplayer you’ll love this.

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