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May 27, 2013 | by  | in Opinion |
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Vice-President (Engagement)

I had a dream the other night that I took a video of myself on Snapchat jumping around naked, and then sent it to EVERYONE in the world. I desperately tried to delete the messages (not possible, silly), and yet a part of me was like oh well, there goes my dignity. #noregrets

Now, I have been known to google ‘wat duz it mean wen u dream abowt whales’, but I haven’t looked too far into this one. It’s just that time of year when we all go a bit insane.

To counter this, the Engagement Team is organising things to help shake it up. As I’ve got used to this new role, I’ve begun to see the many different ways that Engagement could be approached. What we’re trying to do this year is bring you stuff you actually want to get involved in—as many of you as possible. It’s time VUWSA provided the events and opportunities that any students’ association should. So here are a few things to look out for:

• The Autumn Market, THIS Wednesday. Retail therapy, live music, food, prizes!

• After-School Special every week at The Hunter Lounge. Gigs by Vic students for Vic students. Free fries with every jug of Castlepoint. That time on a Friday when your study goes out the window and you know if you’re hungover Saturday, you still have all weekend to do the shit you probably won’t do!

• Re-O Week – free food and treats at a different campus each day, an end-of-week party, and discounted Shapeshifter tickets.

• More campaigns and seminars – ways for you to actively shape how VUWSA, our university and our city should be.

• AND MORE… in Trimester Two we’ve also got THREE Executive Weeks coming up, a massive two-day sporting event… and that’s all I’ll reveal for now.

We hope you take advantage of these and keep some balance in your uni life. This is what we’ve gone for, but really it’s down to you! Pick a social-media outlet and tell me what you’d like to see.

It’s time for my daily dose of ‘Get Lucky’ and those awesome mint slices from The Hunter Lounge/Louis/Milk and Honey. Peace.

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