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May 13, 2013 | by  | in Opinion |
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VUWSA Treasurer-Secretary

Kia Ora.

My name is Jordan McCluskey, the VUWSA Treasurer-Secretary. My role is, as my job title suggests, is to look after the finances of VUWSA (Treasurer), and keep all our reporting to the wider student body up to date (Secretary).

You’ve already read a few columns from other Exec members by now, and I assume you give the weekly report by Dear Leader, Kim Rory-un a quick skim occasionally. So I am not going to spin a rich and full yarn about the things VUWSA is doing at the moment. Instead, I am going to try to make you a bit richer, while having a vent about things I hate at the same time.

1. Bring your own damn lunch to uni—Food at uni is savagely expensive, with prices comparable to Wellington Airport. Fair enough to have a pie every now and then, but make your own lunch, and save about $50 a week.

2. Instant/filter coffee—Nobody drinks coffee for the flavour. They drink it to stay awake. Cut your coffee bill in half by slumming it.

3. It’s called Cold Water Surf for a reason—When doing your washing, flick the temperature down to cold to reduce your power bill.

4. Shouting people drinks—Don’t do it. Will they remember the next day, and are they likely to ever return the favour? Nope.

5. Apple products—Sure, they may look good, but they cost a lot for a fashion statement, have you ever tried to do word processing on a Mac? Sheesh.

6. Learn to cook—Let the Edmonds Cookbook guide you. There is a lot you can do with $6 mince from Pak’n Save. Plus, leftovers make great lunches.

Finally, lucky number seven, All tax is theft, so steal some back. Don’t get a company to do it, you foolish, foolish sucker. Ring the IRD, and get your online services set up. Request your Personal Tax Summary (PTS) online, and hey presto, you may get some of your tax back. A disclaimer though; if you owe money to the IRD, requesting the PTS allows them to chase you down for it.

PS Buy some shares with your discretionary income, like in state-owned energy companies. Heh.

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