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June 4, 2013 | by  | in Opinion |
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Editorial – The Student


First-years, welcome to the end of your very first trimester.

Everyone else, kia ora. You know the drill: cram and you’ll probably do okay. But if you’re anything like us, you’ll get towards the end of your degree and wish your transcript didn’t read L.A.Z.Y./should have applied myself better/wonder how much better it would look if Joyce put interest on your loan/that B- can be attributed to the time I got a boyfriend just before exams.

So before you bury yourself in some new TV series, whip out a calculator take 12 per cent off your realistic graduate income—let’s say $37,000—and divide your student loan by that. Those digits in front of you are how many years it will take you to pay that bad boy off. More than you thought, eh?

You’d think the fact that you are taking on huge amounts of debt would incentivise you to make the most of your time at university. But the reality for most of us is that we don’t. Our loans, just like that essay we have to do, that exam we should study for, or that CV we should tidy-up, are simply jobs for tomorrow. Let’s face it: we’ve got issues.

So here—to take your mind off those big issues—is your jumbo-sized Salient Student Issue to help see you through the break and extra demand for procrastination material your brain will soon crave.

Take it from us, (fifth-years who are still wondering if they’ll ever graduate, telling their parents that editing Salient looks just as, if not more impressive than a completed degree), you’re not going to remember most of the papers that you’ve done. But you will remember the friends you’ve made, and that babe from your tutorial, and the experiences you have had. So, at risk of sounding like your parents, or an overbearing careers adviser, make the most of your time here, and the most of your time as a student. This doesn’t mean chaining yourself to the flashy new facilities in the Reading Room 24/7, but appreciating that although at times it can be hard, there’s a lot to be said for student life.

Sure, with the way things are going, many of us won’t have a guaranteed source of income that reflects our higher education once we graduate, but that’s a problem for tomorrow. While you’re at University, you can enjoy:

– access to a source of income granted just for being you: You’re a student
– a fail-safe excuse for having poor time-management: You’re a student
– an acceptance, nay, expectation, that you will be offensive and indecent: You’re a student
– a reason to talk to any number of babes in and around campus: You’re a student

So get to know your mind, try to get amongst the best, but at the end of the day, don’t stress out too much. After all, you can always take STAT193 again next trimester.


Molly & Stella

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Molly McCarthy and Stella Blake-Kelly are Salient Co-Editors for 2013, AKA Salient Babes.

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