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Vice-President (Academic)

In Week 12 of a trimester long gone, a sleep-deprived Sonya crashed into an open door as she left the lecture theatre. My lecturer remarked that he can always tell when students are snowed under with final assessments because their spatial awareness is shot, hence the bumping and crashing. That’s right, folks. These next few weeks aren’t going to be very fun.

Aside from VUWSA’s Stress-Free Study Week (free breakfasts and lunches every day from 10-14 June, at Kelburn, Pipitea and Te Aro), good sleep patterns, exercise and all the usual (very good) advice for keeping yourself sane in this time, here are three pieces of university policy that may be useful:

Heard of an aegrotat pass? Impaired performance? Compensation pass? So you’re sick, or something in your life has seriously gone wrong, and you’re at serious risk of failing your exams, final assessments, or the whole course. The best thing to do is run down to Student Health and Student Counselling. If your issue is “exam-related”, they’ll fit you in pronto. They can then vouch to the Uni for how your circumstances are affecting you, getting you on the way to completing an aegrotat-pass or compensation-pass application. For more information on these processes, Google ‘VUW Assessment Handbook 2009’ and scroll to page 23, or head to your Faculty Office. But don’t delay in seeking help if you’re worried about your health affecting your exams.

Now you’ve done your last exam, slept for 14 hours and had a couple of drinks to celebrate. Then comes the awful time of logging into myVictoria every day in dread of what your final marks are. But when WILL they be up? The Assessment Handbook (page 30) says that all Tri-1 results “must be entered” by 10 July—the Wednesday before Uni starts back. Phew. If your grades aren’t up by this date, email me at and I’ll chase up where your A+s have disappeared to, while you… Apply to get your exam papers back! For free!

Not enough people know you can do this. Rock up to the Faculty Office and look for the ‘Application for Return of Examination Script’ form. You can ask for your Tri-1 exam scripts back right up until 31 August. To get your original paper back is free, but a photocopy costs $11. In my experience, a photocopy takes just as long as the original to get back. Remember, if you have ANY queries about your final grade or marking and want your exam scripts reconsidered, start the process as soon as you can.

Over and out,

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