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UniQ President

Hey babes, Pride Week is upon us and it’s time for the President’s Pride Week 101: Your guide to enjoying the queer festivities.

Know what it’s about: What is Pride Week and where did it come from? Pride Week is a week of events recognising and celebrating the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and trans*) community. The catalyst for the Pride movement was the Stonewall Riots on June 28, 1969. On this night, when the Stonewall Inn, an underground gay bar on Christopher St, NYC, was yet again raided by police, the patrons of the bar resisted and a number of simultaneous instances of rebellion against police forces escalated into a full-scale riot. Queer people rallied around the event, and now Christopher Street Day is celebrated as far off as Berlin as a marker of LGBT struggles and a push for the rights of queer people.

Choose your events: How do I get involved?
Most of our events are in and around Kelburn Campus so they are easy to get to. We are a tech-savvy bunch, and have all the event info up at and on Facebook, where you can get to the events through the VUWSA and UniQ Victoria pages. There are a lot of events, and different things will appeal to different people. Take a look at what is on offer with full event descriptions online, and plan from there.

Pick your company: Can I bring my straight friends?
Of course you can! Pride Week is a full community event for anybody queer-allied; sexuality and gender identity won’t stop anyone from getting involved. Pride Week is a positive event that adopts a Safe-Spaces principle. Everyone is welcome, everyone is respected and everyone has a fucking great time.

Make the most of the community: How do I get my foot in the door?
Pride Week is set up for university students, and is designed around the fact that for many people, getting involved in this will be one of their first interactions with the queer community. We have made sure there is a wide enough range of activities so everyone can find something they like. If engaging with queer-community events makes you nervous, that is totally fine. UniQ has a queer mentoring system that will pair you up with an appropriate buddy who can talk things over with you, and even bring you along to events so you don’t have to rock up on your own! Find a mentor at

Always go to the party:
Lesbihonest, the queer community knows how to throw a fabulous party. Friday’s Traffic Light Party is a great way to meet people and blow off steam. With the red, orange, green dress code you get to decide if you want people to hold off on the flirts, know they might have a chance, or that you are looking for that special someone.

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