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Freddie’s Local-Body Election Pro Tips

Wellington is a political town, which makes sense, being the capital and all that rubbish. Local-body elections are sort of like the bronze medal of political life, but they do matter due to the fact they set a local tax (rate) on homeowners. Most people who are long-term local-government clingers are a wee bit mental; for example, some of the present New Zealand First caucus are local-government types. Curious coincidences aside, I strongly believe that anybody who has served more than three terms on the Wellington City Council should go. This includes Helene Ritchie, who has been on Council twice as long as I have been ALIVE, and Bryan Pepperell, who is the most obstructionist, unhelpful barnacle currently attached to the Council’s soft, easy-to-elect underbelly.

More importantly, the Council itself is the mayoralty. Below, I give a brief description of why I think you should rank each (serious) mayoral candidate in the order I do. Remember, under STV, it is better to not rank at all a candidate you don’t like, than to rank them last.

Jack Yan: Rank 1

Jack is quirky, clever and well-connected. A graduate of Victoria in Law and Marketing, Jack owns several businesses in the creative sector. He started his first business designing font typefaces while still at school. Jack has lived all over the world and wants to make the global best practice for harnessing creative talent work in Wellington. Pro-business but socially liberal, Jack Yan is my number-one candidate.

Nicola Young: Rank 2

Nicola is a well-resourced candidate with fresh ideas, who does her homework. Daughter and sister of Wellington National MPs (a species extinct since the 1990s), it could be said that Nicola is running as the bluest candidate in the mayoral race. As well as a commitment to taking an axe to Council bureaucracy, Nicola would have a great relationship with central government and the Regional Council, something sorely lacking under the incumbent.

Celia Wade-Brown: Rank 3

Celia is the sitting Mayor, and started well with high hopes. A Green not running as a Green, she has pulled off the incredible feat of annoying Greenies for not being Green enough and for annoying us normals for being a bit too Green in other areas. Despite being a councillor previously, Celia struggles to lead the fractious Council. There was also that time she did not know how much her $350,000 office renovations cost.

John Morrison: Rank as unranked

Has demonstrated sexist attitudes. Hates buses. Also didn’t want students to have a voting booth at university! Don’t vote for a dinosaur.

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