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Want to Change Your Degree?

This week, intrepid reporters Chloe Davies and Alexandra Hollis explored the murky depths of the Science department and the treacherous terrains of Pipitea, braving the mercies of that most dangerous of species; the 100-level course, in all its wondrous naivety. There were some babes, there was a lot of boredom, there was a scooter. Welcome to first year, bitches.


Architecture and Design

DSDN 144: Photographics

Style of babe: Clean-cut, yet disappointingly not as #fashun as we would have thought. They try harder than those at Kelburn and there’s significantly more colour.

Male/female ratio: 75-per-cent female.

Grade: B. Photographics seems like a pretty chill class, and creativity is certainly encouraged here at Salient. You’ll be more fulfilled creatively than intellectually. Not convinced to switch degrees, but we would totally take this as an interest paper. If you ain’t into pictures then this probably won’t be your thing—or maybe you’ll discover your thing and this will be it. Don’t dream it, be it.



COMP 102: Introduction to Computer Program Design

Style of babe: Dorky chic.

Male/female ratio: 90-per-cent male.

Grade: C. Point for having the highest number of mature students so far; minus 20 for making no sense/general bad-lecture vibes. The lecture seemed like more of a tutorial, really; people asked questions about the assignment and she explained using a whiteboard. Verryyy high school, verryyy boring if computers aren’t your thang. Don’t bring a Mac: you’ll stick out.


Humanities and Social Sciences

ENGL 114: Introduction to Literary Form

Style of babe: Girls: geek-chic (lotsa patterned shirts and heavy glasses). Guys: pretty academic types who probably only know how/want to talk to you about books.

Male/female ratio: 65-per-cent female.

Grade: A–. The powerpoint was kinda annoying; sparse bullet points for one slide for ten mins, then longgg quotes he flicked through too quickly. There were some clips from the film of The Big Sleep (Bogart & Bacall <3) but also a smartarse dude who thought he knew more than the lecturer.

POLS 114: Introduction to Comparative Politics

Style of babe: Had the raw babe material but lacked style. Guys, get some hair product, a nice shirt; you owe it to your cheekbones.

Male/female ratio: 55-per-cent male.

Grade: A. This was the only lecture we really engaged with as outsiders, although it did feel a little like the course content was stuff you could easily pick up if you just hung out with POLS students/Labour hacks/the VUW Twitter community.

THEA 112: Cultural Encounters

Style of babe: Hot, but a little too into being Theatre students.

Male/female ratio: Mostly female.

Grade: B. The lecture was great; the students were fucking annoying.

FILM 101: Introduction to Film Studies

Style of babe: Everyone under the sun who has seen Inception.

Male/female ratio: Pretty even, possibly a little more male.

Grade: B. The course is fine for a first-year introduction sort of thing, except a little too general. Lecturer is very engaging. Students clearly into him. There’s also the tutor that does the Christopher Walken dance from that movie we can’t remember the name of. He does it every year and people get really into it (so does Overheard @ Vic). A bunch of the students are very annoying. The types that think they know about cinema because they’ve just seen Pulp Fiction more than twice.

ARTH 112: Art History 2

Style of babe: Articulate.

Male/female ratio: 78-per-cent female.

Grade: A–. Not sure what it is with Art History, but there are almost always like two people you will just hate in your tutorials. People are always raging to prove how smart and profound they are. Good on them for trying I guess, but FYI you sound like an arsehole. Better than the first trimester course, somewhat enlightening. Very broad.



LAWS 122: Introduction to Case Law

Style of babe: Weir House.

Male/female ratio: 60-per-cent female.

Grade: A–. The lecturer was a good speaker; his powerpoints had the Vic logo in one corner, which was pretty bada$$. Law requires a lot of hard work (LOL) but it might pay off. Or if you get to third-year and you don’t get accepted for an internship you can always just say you don’t want to be a lawyer anyway. We hear that’s what’s fashionable.



CHEM 114: Principles of Chemistry

Style of babe: Looked too focussed on atomic bonding to ever consider actual bonding.

Male/female ratio: 80-per-cent male.

Grade: A–. No clue what was going on; at one point the class had an interactive component and we got a clicker (!!!) and had to work out the equation. Cue traumatic NCEA Level 2 Chemistry/Level 3 Calculus flashbacks. But (for the people who knew what was happening) the class had pretty good vibes; students felt comfortable enough to ask the lecturer to clarify stuff, which we’d never seen happen before, and she was cool about going back over things. She also had dope shoes.

GEOG 114: Environment and Resources

Style of babe: Dudebros who watch loud things on their laptop and wear singlets in September, and a couple of ostracised hippies wearing grandma-knitted hats.

Male/female ratio: Few more dudes than ladies.

Grade: B–. The lecturer has a sweet Peter Dunne haircut, but didn’t really make up for his… lacklustre lecturing. His powerpoints were crazyyy; at one point had a list of terms in RAINBOW WORD ART. But apart from that, he just did not get us excited about Geography—never in our young (although not as young as the fresh-faced babes in this class) lives had we heard the words ‘per capita’ more. From the looks of it, the class was similarly unenthused; there were many phones/laptops out. Also, like two peoples with their hoods up. New thang?

BIOL 113: Biology of Plants

Style of babe: Blue-eyed, blonde and intensely attractive (okay, that was one guy but he was really attractive). The rest were your usual crop of first-years. Less sciencey-looking than expected.

Male/female ratio: About even.

Grade: B. Lecturer started the with some awe-inspiring rhetoric: “Gonna be talking about water today. Water is essential to all life.” But if you can get past his monotonous voice, the content was interesting enough, and everyone seemed pretty engaged; he cracked a couple of very niche sciency jokes, and while we didn’t get them we appreciated the sentiment.

PSYC 122: Introduction to Psychology 2

Style of babe: Fairly middling. Average Vic student/every single Vic student tbh (biggg class).

Male/female ratio: Mainly female.

Grade: B+. Too many people to wade through to find any worthwhile hotties, plus if you do find a good’un, they’ll always be armchair-psychoanalysing you. The course content seemed interesting enough, but the lecture dragged on a little.

MATH 177: Probability and Decision Modelling

Style of babe:

Male/female ratio:


It was at 9 am. We didn’t go. Ain’t nothing worth that.



MGMT 101: Introduction to Management

Style of babe: Conventional: jocks and the girls that love them.

Male/female ratio: 50/50.

Grade: C+. Was 20 minutes late and had to do the awkward leg lift over the back row. At least five people stared with judging eyes. The lecturer was Scottish and a bit monotonous. There was lots of discussion about trade unions. Marketing is supposedly helpful for business, but doesn’t seem like something you do for the passion.


Courses we’d most likely take:

1. POLS 114

2. LAWS 122

3. PSYC 122

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