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September 23, 2013 | by  | in Opinion |
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Who is David Cunliffe, Really?

The Labour Party has a new David, err… Leader. A new King David rules over the broken Kingdom that is the Labour Party. Cunliffe won a huge amount of support from the wider Labour Party membership, and the majority of the trade-union vote. However, only a third of the parliamentary caucus, the MPs who work with Cunliffe day in, day out, voted for him. This is a damning indictment of Cunliffe’s character. When two-thirds of your caucus didn’t want you as leader, you can bet they will be “unified and behind the leader”. Yeah right.

Cunliffe, or, as he is affectionately known, Cunners, has a monumental task on his hands. Cunners’ predecessor, David Shearer, struggled for 20 months trying to get Labour’s poll ratings out of the doldrums. Labour got one of its worst ever hidings in 2011, gaining only 27.48 per cent of the vote and seeing National increase its share of the vote, an incredibly rare occurrence for a governing party trying to win a second term. The Labour Party has taken a massive punt on someone who hasn’t got the support of his fellow MPs, but the support of the wider membership. Over time, however, the flaws that other Labour MPs are aware of, due to the increased scrutiny of Cunners as the alternative Prime Minister, will become clear to the general public. A very risky strategy.

Just who is David Cunliffe anyway? The second coming of the Labour Jesus, Michael Joseph Savage? A right-wing new model Rogernome in disguise poised to launch Cunnlinomics? A South Seas socialist Hugo Chávez? The truth is, David Cunliffe is all of these things, at different times to different people. To the Labour faithful, he is the new Michael Joseph Savage. To the business community in the last Labour government, he was the rough, tough right-wing technocrat who gave the Clark cabinet business credibility. Cunliffe used to work for Boston Consulting Group, home of another political-leadership aspirant, Mitt Romney. To the trade unions who he wooed to get their votes in the leadership election, he promised to wind back the clock to the grim 1970s, when industrial arbitration and unions paralysed economic growth. None of this answers who David Cunliffe really is. Despite being an MP since 1999 and a former senior cabinet minister, he demonstrates the political flexibility of an ideological yoga guru.

You’ve been warned.

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  1. LOL says:

    What shit analysis. Hilarious almost.

    Another know-it-all ‘columnist’ sitting behind a computer somewhere.

  2. Mark says:

    Well said. Cunliffe is a lot like Mitt Romney – in that they are both insincere douchebags, devoid of any principle.

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