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October 7, 2013 | by  | in Features |
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50 Things I Need Your Help Forming an Opinion On:

  1. Whether conspiracy theorists are ever right.

  2. Whether I have a terminal disease but just don’t know it yet.

  3. Whether Jesse Pinkman would have become Heisenberg if he and Walter White had been swapped at birth.

  4. Whether I should kill baby Hitler if I were to make a time machine.

  5. Whether a living brain raised by scientists in a vat and disconnected from any sensation would think anything.

  6. Whether it’s too late for me to improve my handwriting.

  7. Whether the internet has slowed the rate of IRL cultural change.

  8. Whether all of the internet is being recorded somewhere.

  9. Whether I put too much information on the internet.

  10. Whether I am being watched.

  11. Whether irony is bad for your health.

  12. Whether irony is good for your health.

  13. Whether irony is not actually a health issue.

  14. Whether there is more irony in the world than ever before.

  15. Whether we have reached Peak Irony.

  16. Whether Miley’s public onset of lunacy is her own doing or savvy exec-driven PR engineering.

  17. Whether I’ll die in a plane crash or another kind of aviation disaster.

  18. Whether, upon realising I am about to die in a plane crash, I’ll have a cardiac arrest from the stress of the whole thing, or whether I’ll become hyper-calm and heroically redeem myself by comforting the rapidly unhinging single parents in the seats around me.

  19. Whether the government would tell us if they discovered that an unstoppable and Earth-destroying asteroid was heading earthward.

  20. Whether there is really so much to admire in not being ruled by emotion.

  21. Whether language sets the agenda or expresses the agenda.

  22. Whether I make decisions and then do things, or do things and then think of a reason why I did those things and call it a decision.

  23. Whether I ever chose to be good at the things I’m good at.

  24. Whether I ever chose to be bad at the things I’m bad at.

  25. Whether I deserve the good things that come from the things I happen to be good at.

  26. Whether people who are not good at things deserve to not have the things that would have come from being good at the things they are not good at.

  27. Whether equal opportunity is possible without equality of outcomes.

  28. Whether things like money and freedom and justice would be good even if they didn’t make people happier.

  29. Whether ideology always leads to trouble.

  30. Whether it ever makes sense to die for your beliefs.

  31. Whether it ever makes sense to die for anything.

  32. Whether suicide can ever be rational.

  33. Whether increases in diagnoses of mental illness is just the product of more zealous diagnosing, or whether it’s a sign of some scarier kind of change.

  34. Whether the world is getting generally better or generally worse.

  35. Whether Blue Ivy Carter and North West will do a Watch the Throne second-generation tour when they grow up.

  36. Whether many of the ‘facts’ I tell people are actually, in fact, false.

  37. Whether sentences like ‘This sentence is false’ are just mind-contorting but otherwise harmless, or something deserving of profound concern.

  38. Whether the past and future are just as real as the present.

  39. Whether things at a fundamental level are basically messy or basically tidy.

  40. Whether there are infinitely many things or just one thing.

  41. Whether there are things that you can only know without thinking.

  42. Whether I’ve had unfathomable, paradigm-shattering insights but forgotten about them.

  43. Whether I will go bald.

  44. Whether pain is just the firing of neurons or whatever in the brain.

  45. Whether the cliché ‘Clichés are clichés for a reason’ is true.

  46. Whether happiness is something you choose to have.

  47. Whether it’s necessary to believe in something.

  48. Whether it’s best to pretend to know what you’re doing even if you don’t.

  49. Whether people are ever interested in what I have to say.

  50. How does fire work?


Ollie studies Law and Politics and Philosophy, and has been doing so for four long years. He was one of Salient’s two Co-Editors in 2012, but is still too scared to move on.

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Ollie served dutifully alongside Asher Emanuel as Co-editor of Salient throughout the tumult of 2012. He has contributed to Salient since 2011 and intends to do so for the rest of his waking life.

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