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Film: The Year in Review

Congra[d]ulations on the (near) completion of another year at university. If you are graduating next year, go forth and be free! Begin life! Listen to This is Water! Feel inspired! Good luck and Godspeed.

The year so far in cinema has been fairly typical—there’s been some terrible yet entertaining tripe from Hollywood, someone made a movie about Princess Diana starring Naomi Watts (bound to happen), The Great Gatsby was overly hyped, ultimately disappointing and already forgotten, two movies about terrorists and Americans came out at basically the same time (White House Down and Olympus Has Fallen), and John Key declared his favourite movie was Johnny English. Dayum.

The Year’s Best:

  • Watching The Room at Paramount. You get to throw spoons and yell quite a lot.

  • Pacific Rim—shit but fun according to the majority of people queried.

  • Gia Coppola (niece of Sofia, granddaughter of Francis Ford) made James Franco’s collection of short stories about a group of teenagers in Palo Alto, California into her first feature film. The trailer is out. Looks very teenage-angsty, but beautiful. Gia may be from a famous family but she has a keen eye. Definitely one to watch out for over this summer.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Embassy. Dressing up and singing—always a great time.

  • Woody Allen made Blue Jasmine, his best since Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

  • Lena Dunham made a short ~fashion~ film for Rachel Antonoff’s new collection. It’s called Best Friends Fall 2013. Look it up.

  • Ollie Neas made a video for Paul Williams’ new(ish) song ‘Diamonds’; it’s great.

  • The re-discovery of Hal Ashby—a highly enjoyable experience.

  • I asked some friends what their favourite film experience had been this year. One said, “Getting high and watching American Psycho for the first time;” another said, “SPRRIIIIINNG BREEEEAAK BITCH.”

The year’s best films and what people have said about them

  • Gravity dir. Alfonso Cuarón – “Will go down as one of the greatest science-fiction films of all time. The hype is well deserved.” — Ollie

  • Upstream Colour dir. Shane Carruth – “Very delicate and tonal, sci-fi that pretends to be an art movie.” — Alex

  • Spring Breakers dir. Harmony Korine – “James Franco gives a blowjob to a gun.” — Cam

  • Frances Ha dir. Greta Gerwig – “I didn’t know friendship meant so much to people, but it looks hot in black and white.” — Duncan

  • Before Midnight dir. Richard Linklater – “Just really fucking beautiful.” — Lauren

  • Gardening With Soul dir. Jess Feast – “I think I cried. It was nice to know that the actions of someone living just across this city were so uplifting.” — Hilary

  • Rust and Bone dir. Jacques Audiard – “The characters weren’t exactly likeable but it was definitely the only film this year deserving of five stars.” — Sam

  • Pacific Rim dir. Guillermo del Toro – “Gigantic robot fights where you can tell who the good guy is.” — Henry

  • The Master dir. Paul Thomas Anderson – “It plods and ponders, absolutely; it is also, I think, PTA’s masterpiece and a stunning actualization of the directors vision. Also, how good an insult is ‘Pigfuck’? — Philip

Movies to watch this summer and the snacks to accompany them

  1. Love Actually dir. Richard Curtis – Tea and scones

  2. Happiness dir. Todd Solondz – Wine, you might need a drink to pull you through

  3. The Graduate dir. Mike Nichols – Your best friend’s mum’s homemade lasagne

  4. Clueless dir. Amy Heckerling – Chewing gum and Mentos

  5. Spring Breakers dir. Harmony Korine – Watch while drinking Malibu and wearing a bikini

  6. Jaws dir. Steven Spielberg – Starburst Squirts (emphasis on the biting)

  7. Stand by Me dir. Rob Reiner – Varied fruits and muesli, practicality is exponentially important

  8. Die Hard dir. John McTiernan – Popcorn and pretzels, easily eaten during the extreme ACTION

  9. A Clockwork Orange dir. Stanley Kubrick – Milk

  10. Rosemary’s Baby dir. Roman Polanski – Red apples (like the devil)

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