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March 31, 2014 | by  | in Bent Opinion |
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Hey all,

Welcome to the Queer Issue of Salient! The Bent column is usually about educating the students of Victoria about issues that face this minority. Bent is run by UniQ, the University’s queer rep group with VUWSA. This issue of Salient is fully focussed towards the issues of us queer people and our allies, so this column will focus on how UniQ works, what we do, who we are, and what Wellington has to offer for people who hang out in the LGBTQI* scene.

UniQ consists of our Co-Presidents, Sami and Connor, who basically oversee all of our events and make sure that our club doesn’t self-destruct. Geraint, who is our Secretary/Treasurer, is in charge of the cash moneyz, and also taking minutes at all of our meetings. Dan, who is our QSA (Queer-Straight Alliance) Coordinator; if you’re not queer but want to be involved or educated, he’s your man! I’m Jonny, I’m the really hot and awesome Communications Officer who is in charge of Facebook/email and all the pretty posters! We recently had our IGM where we elected a new Women’s Rep, José, and Trans* Rep, Dom, who will both endeavour to make sure that cis white gay males don’t take over the group and control everything! Lastly, we have Olivia, who is our Queer Mentoring Officer: she keeps our mentors in line and helps everyone get the most out of the programme.

UniQ primarily focusses on creating a safe space for queer students. Additionally, we try to educate the University on how to treat queer students, the use of correct pronouns, and other proper queer etiquette, which we will focus on in a later issue. Our main group activity is the Lunch Space: this social event is fantastic for casually hanging out with other queer students and meeting people, although the main group is about as incestuous as the characters from Glee, they’re generally a fantastic bunch. If you’re scared about coming along, try signing up to our mentoring system to help integrate you into our group or help you come out in an easy way. Check it out on our website and click the Queer Officer tab to sign up.

This year already, we have put on a quiz night and a pub crawl, both of which have been very successful, especially compared to our earlier years. Later this year, we will be celebrating Pride Week with many events including one of our colourful parties that you probably won’t remember anyway, as well as another pub crawl, another quiz, Rocky Horror interactive night for all, and if that wasn’t enough, to top it all off, we want to have a Queer Ball for students who might not otherwise get one or for those of you who need a reason to crack out the ball gowns (I sure don’t).

Hopefully this has explained a little more about what we do! We’re not just the strange rainbow-pants-wearing people in a clique, we’re a group to support all students who want to know more about queer culture in the Uni and the LGBTQI* scene in Wellington. If you have any messages, feel free to contact our Facebook or email us at I promise to respond with haste and pizazz.

Looking forward to hearing from you all,
Communications Officer

Jonny Abbott


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