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Best O-Week Everrrrrr

Victoria’s first-years and returning students are making the most of O-Week, with the Toga Party, Baauer and David Dallas all selling out, and many more acts “well on the way”, according to VUWSA President Sonya Clark.

The Toga Party, a yearly draw for first-years, quickly sold all 1000 tickets available. Some were so keen to attend that they turned to Trade Me. ‘beatrix0356’ and ‘maddoggg’ battled it out, with Beatrix making the winning bid of $157. Given that tickets originally sold for $20, the real winner here was probably the seller.

Clark said she was happy with how O-Week – which is this year being run in conjunction with MAWSA, the Massey Wellington Students’ Association – is going.

“We’re really stoked with the demand for all shows across Orientation. Now that two of the big 1000-person shows are all sold out, students will need to be quick to make sure they get into a lot of the smaller shows!”


“Can’t believe how rowdy it was on a Sunday night, a Sunday night here was busier than any club I’ve been to in Auckland, it was the best night ever.”

“We went to Hope Bros, oh my god it was so busy, like something out of Ibiza or something, it was so much fun.”

“To be honest, drinks are a bit expensive so next year work on that, no one wants to come here and spend $100.”

“I lost my ticket, got real upset but they let me in anyway, legend. The bar’s pretty slow but it’s good.”

“O-Week has been helpful, all the tours and stuff, and I’ve been very drunk.”

“I love it, it’s been a really good night, I’ve met heaps of new people, I danced so much my toga fell off.”

“It was my birthday yesterday… I had a fake ID before but I think a lot of people go through that phase… I jumped the fence in Hope Bros, which I hear is like a shit place to go, I’m a first-year so I feel that I can do that.”

“Sonya! I remember you from the talk! I will come into VUWSA!”

“Hi, where’s your toga? Want to share mine?” [News Editor’s note: No.]

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