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Bing Goes

Only two weeks into the university year, and one member of the VUWSA Executive has already quit in controversial circumstances.

Elizabeth Bing was elected Clubs and Activities Officer at the end of 2013 in a bid against two other candidates. In her letter of resignation addressed to President Sonya Clark, Bing stated that there was “simply not enough time in the day” to continue holding her position alongside her studies and other activities.

However, a phone interview with the former Clubs Officer revealed that a busy schedule was not the only reason for her resignation. She informed Salient that her decision was “very sudden because of the circumstances,” but that she was “unfortunately not allowed to comment” on the exact reasons due to it being “defamatory” towards VUWSA.

Clark told Salient that Bing was having trouble following VUWSA policies, particularly regarding her use of social media. She had not kept in contact with Clark consistently, and had acted hastily in dealing with Clubs issues which needed more attention. Bing had also criticised a staff member at the University, for which Clark had reprimanded her.

A president of one of Victoria’s most popular clubs was reluctant to comment on the matter, saying only that it is “quite a personal issue” which Elizabeth had “confided” in him about. Raewyn Clarke, employed by the University as Clubs Manager, also did not wish to comment on the situation, instead insisting it was a matter restricted to VUWSA.

The Students’ Association has suffered a spate of resignations over recent years. In 2012, two members of the executive resigned simultaneously in April, and the earliest resignation during the year prior to Elizabeth was also in March of 2006.

President Sonya acknowledges this recent history, saying that: “being on the Exec is a full-on job, and it can be a challenge to manage study, work and VUWSA.” Sonya also considers Elizabeth’s resignation as showing “maturity and self-reflection.”

Bing confirms that she is far from finished with her involvement in University clubs, but believes that she can “do a lot more behind the scenes” in this department.

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