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March 17, 2014 | by  | in Arts Film |
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In Review

By now, your Facebook news feeds will be empty of pitiful Leonardo memes and transsexual outrage at Jared Leto’s success. So talking about the Oscars makes this article a little outdated. However, I passionately feel the event embodies and epitomises many significant social issues which permeate the disappointing cult of celebrity today, and therefore demands in-depth discussion.

First, Pharrell wore shorts. Not only did this scandalous leg exposure lower dress-standard expectations (next thing we know women will be wearing suits, omg) but the stunt reflected a general lack of formality this year, making the Academy Awards somewhat disappointing and disillusioning. In short, where has the fairytale gone?

Celebrities seem to think they can use social-media trends to appease the masses, following in the footsteps of John Key who has cottoned onto the idea of taking selfies with many a Young Nat #youngatheartdesperateforyouthvotes, albeit confusing the role of a Prime Minister with that of a celebrity. Prolific people confusing their purpose. The Academy Awards is supposed to be the ultimate embodiment of Hollywood glamour. However, the advent of social-media pranks played by confused, dressed-up celebrities sadly diminishes its splendour.

I was completely in the dark about who was the hottest female in what dress this year, as social media was more preoccupied with Benedict Cumberbatch and Bill Murray’s photo-bombing efforts (it’s been done already, move on), the ‘biggest selfie ever’ #buysamsung, and Leonardo missing out on an Oscar for a role we’ve seen him play countless times before. Twitter and Facebook thus disrupt the exclusive feel of the Academy Awards, creating a novel form of excessive transparency which makes the event too relatable. As an institution, the awards play a fundamental role in constructing the distance in relationships between people of normalcy and people of God (read: celebrities). I want the escapism from my unsatisfying everyday life, not to feel like Jennifer Lawrence could be my friend (she can’t keep her feet on the ground anyway).

Don’t even get me started on the very safe choice of Ellen DeGeneres as a host, who isn’t even that funny. All round, a disappointing year. Jared Leto has already confessed to a ding in the back of his statue from dropping it down the stairs. So take selfies at the MTV awards and Pharrell put some pants on like everyone else. Let’s maintain the glamour status quo.

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