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Review: Second-Hand Clothing Stores

Recycle Boutique, Ghuznee St
Range: An excellent range of clothing for both men and women, although substantially more clothes for women. RB prides itself on having quality items, and you are guaranteed to find something unique which no one else owns. There is also a designer section if you want to spend a little bit more money.

Staff: Don’t expect a cheery “hello” when you walk in the door. However, when you do ask for help or approach the counter, they are extremely friendly.

Price: Apart from the occasional designer item, you are unlikely to find anything over $80 here. If you want to buy a truly unique item you’ll be paying upwards of $25, making it quite expensive for what is still second-hand clothing. That said, the $4.50 rack always has a few fantastic pieces on offer.

Total: 3.5 stars


Salvation Army, Rintoul St
Charity stores sell a variety of items other than clothing, so the range of clothes available is naturally quite limited. This store certainly doesn’t offer much variety, but the trick is to browse through their new stock regularly. You may not find something you like on the first or second visit, but eventually there will be an amazing one-of-a-kind item for an absolute bargain of a price. Persistence is key.

Staff: The staff here are volunteers, so are not obliged to give special attention to customers the way you might expect in a chain store. They are still lovely though, so do give them a smile for their good work.

Price: If you want low prices, this shop – or any of the other Sallies stores – is where you want to be. Clothes average at about $8 per item; meaning that there are still plenty of things to be bought for under $5.

Total: 3 stars


Paperbag Princess, Cuba St

Range: If you want funky, colourful, novelty items, then dare to venture down the south end of Cuba to Paperbag Princess. The men’s range is quite small, but of course people of any gender can enjoy a Suzy Cato–style sweater or a Star Wars T-shirt.

Staff: Definitely some of the least friendly staff in town. This is a real shame, considering the products they are selling are so bright and happy!

Price: In my opinion, PBP is fairly priced. Clothes are usually $15–$25, which is not terribly expensive but does reflect the unique nature of what you’re buying. They nearly always have a ‘Buy 2 Get 1 Free’ promotion as well, but trust me: it is not hard to find three pieces to fill that quota.

Total: 4 stars


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