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Interview with Tom from @Peace

Q: What’s behind the album title ‘ @peace and the plutonian noise symphony’?
A: We wanted to kill everything we’ve done previously. We wanted to remove ourselves from what we’d made with @peace.

Q: The album talks about space, Plato and extraterrestrials; not exactly hip-hop’s go to subjects. What brought these topics to the front of your minds?
A: I guess I just got bored. Now that we’ve talked about those I’m bored again. I need something horrible to happen.

Q: Carrying on from that, Does hip-hop’s preoccupation with booze, blunts and bitches frustrate you?
A: I think it’s not the music’s fault. The media’s preoccupation with hip hop music that involves that particular subject matter frustrates me. It’s not cool to be too complex at this time in music. People want simplicity. And I appreciate that. But the review I just read frustrates me. People trynna say we’re trying to hard.

Q: How did you find the launch party at Bodega?
A: Was better than Auckland. Getting a little more familiar with the material. But still a whole lot to work on.

Q: Who were you listening to while you made the album?
A: Allan Watts.

Q: The album often returns to our cosmic insignificance. Does that thought frighten you or inspire you?
A: Both.

Q: Topics like death and determinism usually confined to philosophy lectures or our own heads. Do you guys sit down and talk about this stuff over a brew or does it only come out in the studio? Do you think it’s a problem that no one talks about it?
A: I try to bring it up. But it’s a hard thing to make a good joke about. I think the irony is that the conclusion you usually come to after a long in depth analysis of those particular things (death, determinism etc) is that basically you should enjoy yourself. Problem is that there is some enjoyment to be had talking about so….

Q: You’ve mentioned elsewhere that some of the album was recorded in an isolated batch in Taranaki. What influence did that have on the album?
A: just makes everything easier to do. no outside influence. no pressure. just makes everything easier. i think i’d def wanna live in the country one day if i can.

Q: Got a collab with Lorde lined up?
A: was close. but she unfollowed me on twitter after i fake retweeted her.

Q: You guys talk about aliens a lot on the album. What’s your favourite sci-fi film?
A: hmmm…. I think Moon. Havn’t seen many though. Recommendations?

Q: Have you ever seen an alien?
A: No.

Q: Where to from here for @peace and Young Gifted and Broke?
A: Iuno to be honest. Can’t even get the inspiration together to write at the moment. So iuno… Suicide?


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