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Take 5 for Students: Breakfast

Rolled oats, oil, liquid honey, nuts, dried fruit.

We all know breakfast is important, and we seem to care more and more about what we feed ourselves at this vital time of the day. For a long time now I have refused to buy prefab cereal. Don’t get me started on the wickedness of evenly-shaped (hoops, balls, bricks), multi-colored, sugar-coated, air-puffed, airbrushed (getting carried away now) junk food the very bad people on the TV tell us we should eat…!

Okay, now that that’s out of the way: eat oats, I say. Look at the Scottish – running about in the cold over hills with just a skirt. Make porridge and add all kinds of good extras to it. Try banana, grated apple, cinnamon, molasses. Try raisins, prunes, dates and coconut. I do like mine with cream and brown sugar, but you can do the yogurt thing, or honey, or stewed fruit.

When something less wintery than porridge is called for, transform oats into muesli. It is better for you raw but sometimes a bit of crunch is called for, so here is a simple Take 5 for Students recipe that will last a long time – even in a flat. It will be kind to your wallet, and it doesn’t make a bad snack at times other than breakfast when you just can’t hold out till the next meal.

– 1 large bag of rolled oats

– 1 cup of oil (the best kind is coconut, but canola will do)

– ½  cup liquid honey

– Nuts, chopped – or just use flaked almonds

– Raisins, or chopped mixed dried fruit

Of course, there are many other goodies that can be added (coconut, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc), but the basic recipe just needs 5 things. Sometimes I don’t add oil and honey, I just toast the oats – so if you elect this method, I would add coconut and sesame seeds instead.

Warm the oil and honey together and mix through the oats and nuts. Toast in a moderate oven (160°C/325°F), and stir from time to time until it’s as toasted as you like.


Happy Breakfasting!

– Margôt de Cotesworth

Take 5 and Cook: cooking fabulous food with just 5 ingredients. Read our blog for more free recipes


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