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Abuse of Power Comes As No Surprise

The Pasifika Students’ Council has elected a new president following revelations of misuse of Samoan Students’ Association funding.

Fabiefara Masoe, who was elected Pasifika Students’ Council (PSC) President in 2013, resigned this month. The Pasifika Students’ Council held a Special General Meeting where they elected a new president, Karl Moresi.

Masoe, who was a member of the Samoan Students’ Association (VUSSA) Executive in 2013, resigned after she was implicated in the misuse of VUSSA funds in 2013. Sources have told Salient the money involved is not more than $2000, and that there is a repayment plan now in place.

The financial irregularities had been disclosed in 2013, but the PSC understood that they had been dealt with. After it became clear this month that they had not been dealt with, Masoe resigned.

VUSSA is one of seven representative groups for Pasifika students at Victoria, all of which operate independent executives. The PSC is an umbrella group which advocates for Pasifika students at university and works with the representative groups.

VUSSA is funded as a club by the University, using money from the $690 Student Services Levy paid by every full-time student. It also funds its activities through membership fees and fundraising.

The Pasifika Students’ Council does not influence the VUSSA Executive, but has in the past ‘helped out’ by making donations to the Association, as it has with the other representative groups. This is at the discretion of each year’s Executive.

Since the financial situation was disclosed, VUWSA has offered support to the PSC in the form of accounting services. The PSC is looking at introducing new safeguards, though the PSC itself has not been implicated in any misuse of money.

PSC Vice-President Ropeti Huntley said this was aimed at demonstrating transparency and openness within the organisation.

“It has been a challenging process, but assurances can be made that the University and the parties involved are working closely together to move on, and furthermore, that there are no financial issues with the Pasifika Students’ Council.”

“Furthermore, PSC extend their gratitude to all those who have shown their support during this time, particularly to the Victoria University of Wellington Students’ Association. We are extremely grateful,” Huntley said.

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  1. anaseini nuku says:

    Yes you have your right to freedom of speech but I also have mine.
    I am totally offended and disgusted that you would publish something like this for everyone to see.
    I get that this is a newspaper to let people know of what is happening at Vic but is there no boundary to that?
    Reading this article makes me realize just how corrupt this society is. Not in her actions but in yours for publishing such a private matter.
    Are we not all humans? Everyone gives into temptation every now and then.
    You haven’t just disgraced her name but you have PUBLICALLY DISGRACED ALL PCIFIKA

  2. anaseini nuku says:

    Publically disgraced all pasifika students at Victoria university. How are we suppose to feel secure in our own school? I get you want to spread “gossip” to gain more readers but must I remind you that you are writing of your own fellow students? This matter was dealt with by the Samoan association. They CAME TOGETHER AND SOLVED THE ISSUE. There was no need for this to be published publically.
    Its a shame to see the kind of uni environment we have to deal with.

  3. Bianca says:

    Really harsh title. Considering there are multiple amounts of pasifika groups that represent vic on a national level often this is a really disappointing and dated representation of the group. the story would perhaps be more welcomed into public space if there was an effort from salient to print more than just a small column of the weekly study sessions along side a very big screw up. There are plenty of positive things salient could report on. Do your job as aspiring journalists and find worthy stories and fair representation.

  4. Russ says:

    Abuse of power comes as no surprise…because she’s Samoan?

    • Cam Price says:

      No, because she is an elected student representative who doesn’t face any accountability measures. See our apology in this week’s Salient.

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