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September 21, 2014 | by  | in Online Only |
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Ode to Chile;

With the end of classes fast approaching so comes the realisation that this is the end. So to you Chile, I owe you a few words.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for an incredible journey. One which has changed me forever, for the better.
For the challenges, struggles, support, heartache, triumph and friendship I will be forever indebted to you.
Understanding that I can’t begin to cover it all, I wish to just quickly highlight some aspects of this journey: From stomach churning anticipation to adrenaline fuelled arrival, to the crushing blow and realisation of isolation due to an unexpected passing of a friend from home, to triumph of battling snow storms to trek mountains and glaciers in the land of giants. Then add in some incredible music festivals, friends, protests and numerous piscolas and you start to piece together the picture. Oh and thats just Chile, haven’t even started on my tavels to Bolivia and Peru!
Every day I woke up to a day full of challenges whether it be simply understanding the waiter to having political debates about climate change in Spanish. Countless frustrations have ensued beyond the language barrier with unusual customs and infuriating bureaucracy, which have only led me to become more acquainted with the idea that sometimes you do all you can and its not enough but that that’s o.k and to just stay calm and carry on.
But Chile, you are one incredible little country. One where I have only just begun to scratch your surface. You have come through so much even in recent history. Thank you for letting me in to interview and learn and understand your darker history. I am honoured to have the chance to interview those who lived through Pinochet’s Dictatorship and hear your haunting testimonies. Even solely within my visit you have overcome an 8.0 and many other earthquakes, cities burning, floods and massive protests and demonstrations. Yet despite all this you have triumphed and have the strongest economy in Latin America, whilst you and I both realise this is just the start and many more challenges lie ahead you have won my heart with your spirit.
Thanks to all the people I have had the pleasure of sharing any part of this experience with, special shout out to the Almirante Riveros Family, Thanks for putting up with me for a semester and being an incredible bunch of people. Te amo mi familia chilena =P Gracias por todos!! No queiro irme y decir adios! Solo nos vemos, cachaipo!?
Its not goodbye, rest assured I will be back!
Te amo Chile. Nos vemos.
Kate the Kiwi

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