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LOL News

Drivers make cars slower?

A driverless Audi TTS named Shelley has outperformed skilled racing drivers in a new Stanford university study.The car was tested against amateur touring class champion David Vodden and when programmed can reach speeds above 190km/h. Scientists have been monitoring drivers’ brain activity via electrodes in an attempt to locate the neurological circuitry during driving manoeuvres


Eating your feelings

A phenomenon dubbed mukbang (loosely translated as broadcast eating) has taken off in South Korea, where punters ‘perform’ their meals online to viewers at home. Approximately 10,000 people watch Seoul resident Lee Chang-hyun eat in a gesticular manner while microphones capture the his masticating soundtrack. Paid several hundred dollars for a two-hour snacking stint, Chang-hyun believes his appeal lies in being able to eat what people can’t and providing others online company.


Don’t rain on my parade

UK company Oliver’s Travels has started offering a ‘cloud bursting’ service that guarantees engaged couples nice weather on their wedding day. For a starting fee of $100,000 GBP lovebirds can hire a team of pilots and meteorologists to use silver iodine to ‘seed’ clouds causing them to rain preemptively. The company is quick to point out, however, that serious weather phenomenon like hurricanes “cannot be controlled”.


Jenny really really really far from the block

An Indian billionaire couple have gotten married in a lavish three-day wedding said to have cost NZ$30 million. Sanjay Hinduja and Anu Mahtani’s wedding took place in the Jagmandir Island Palace, complete with performances from Jennifer Lopez and Nicole Scherzinger. 208 privately-chartered planes landed at the airport in the run-up to the wedding—so many, they couldn’t find anywhere to park.


Mr Squarepants will see you now

Parents who took their kids for a family day out at an open-air cinema in Massachussetts are furious after Spongebob 2 was shown right next to a screen showing 50 Shades of Grey. Part one of the S&M series could be seen from across the car park, where children gathered to watch Spongebob. Aye aye, Captain Grey.


Breaking Brassicas

A 39-year-old man has been arrested in Arizona after officers found an 18kg haul of crystal meth hidden in bags of broccoli in his truck. The stash was valued at $440,000, according to DPS spokesman Raul Garcia.


Krispy Kreme’s Kock-up

A Krispy Kreme branch in the UK has removed its Krispy Kreme Klub promotion, after it realised the poor choice of the promotion’s ‘KKK’ abbreviation. The event, run by a Krispy Kreme location in Hull, was supposed to entice kids into the store for free doughnuts they could decorate themselves. But the promotion quickly went viral after it was posted on the chain’s British Facebook fan page, and the chain moved quickly to remove the flyer and apologise.

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