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Eye on Exec

This week’s meeting saw a somewhat weary Exec team gather to report on the O-Week that had been. President Rick Zwaan opened the meeting with apologies from those absent members still caught up packing tote bags for first years and shoring up clubs week.

A report was received from Academic Vice-President Jonathan Gee who was praised by fellow Exec members for his efforts during O-Week preparations and the dispersing of student rep guides. The only issue raised was those damn printers who had failed to deliver the planned shipment of VUWSA diaries on time.

On the topic of clubs week, Equity Officer Chennoah Walford sought assurances from Rick and the rest of the Executive that financial support for rep groups would be implemented for the year ahead in accordance with the 2012 funding model. Chennoah and Rick mentioned previous delays in getting funding to rep groups applicants and the need to make sure groups knew that the $6000 pool was available to those who qualified.

Rick proceeded to mangle Chennoah’s motion beyond all recognition, adding screeds of qualifying phrases and Byzantine administrative references. “Do you want to move it now?” he asked a somewhat shell-shocked Chennoah, who, more than a little pissed off, snapped back that it wasn’t really her motion any more, so no thanks. Rick moved it, Chennoah grudgingly seconded and the motion carried.

The Executive then moved into committee to discuss matters that had no need to be in committee. They also did that last time, the wee scamps.

Eventually they moved out of committee to approve $20,250 of funding for Student Job Search, which, since Vic students earned over $10m through SJS placements in 2014, is probably fair enough.

VUWSA then discussed its 2015 budget. Normally, the budget isn’t set until April and in 2013 it wasn’t set until August—a breach of the Constitution as VUWSA technically isn’t allowed to spend students’ money without a budget. VUWSA is aiming to set its budget in the next few weeks, thereby achieving the lofty feat of breaching the Constitution slightly less than it normally does.

There was some debate among members as to VUWSA’s official stance on the number of student representatives it would recommend for the new University Council. Rick had made comments to Salient last week endorsing the Tertiary Education Union’s recommendation that one-third of the future Council (four seats) be allocated to staff and students. Unfortunately, the naughty boy had failed to clear this with Exec first. Rick countered that he was just as annoyed at the TEU because the TEU had made its recommendation without clearing it with him, a rebuttal that made about as much sense as the following paragraph.

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Rick then tried his darndest to tell the Exec when the consultation process for University Council changes will take place, but without actually telling them as that would breach his confidentiality as a member of the Council. The very next day Salient spoke to the Chancellor, who straight up told us the consultation process will take place until June. #awks

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