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The Young and the Parkless

Parking has become a source of frustration for many students since construction began on Kelburn’s new science building earlier this year.

A substantial allotment of carpark space has been closed off and repurposed for the construction, including the space allocated for motorcycle and scooter parking, off Gate 6.

Many students have had issues with being fined for parking outside of the designated areas. with VUWSA President Rick Zwaan admitting that “in the past, fines have been very prohibitive.”

Parking wardens are subcontracted and unaffiliated with the University, which receives  no revenue for the fines paid by students.

Zwaan said VUWSA has “received a number of complaints with the changeovers… it’s the one thing that pisses people off.”

The Overheard at Vic Facebook page has seen repeated declarations of students’ dissatisfaction with the current situation.

A University spokesperson assured Salient that the amount of space allotted for motorcycle/scooter parking is the same as it was prior to any excavation taking place. A replacement area was created on the roof of the von Zedlitz Service Tower, accessible via Glasgow Street, as well as on the deck behind Rankine Brown and in an area under Laby Overall.

The spokesperson said there is still plenty of space available, yet its existence has not been successfully communicated to students. “Since the start of the trimester, the only complaints [we have received] about parking have been from students who were unaware of the new space.”

As for cars, the University says students can park in the pay and display carpark at the end of Waiteata Road—if they pick up a VUWSA permit, they can get half-priced parking.

Last year, the WCC decided that VUWSA would no longer have assigned carparks on Salamanca Road. When development began on the new science building, VUWSA was asked to supply give up its carparks in order to make up for the estimated 60 places that were lost due to construction.

VUWSA is keen to push for more street parking, but must wait on the involvement of the Wellington City Council before it can see any progress being made.

What students say about the parking situation:

“Vic removes scooter parking to make way for new building. Students take the brunt in fines.”

“There’s now only two scooter parks for the entire uni and they’re both a pain in the ass to get to.”

“The situation was bad enough last year with the Maclaurin carpark open. Come on, VUW facilities management: use your brains. It is desirable for students to ride motorcycles to uni instead of driving cars… Allocate more space for motorcycle parking!”

“I launched an epic battle against the parking peeps over summer because I parked outside the closed-down carpark. I won eventually, but they really are Satan’s spawn.”

“Just park in the Hub. That space might as well be good for something.”

“Don’t park in the Hub, I got fined $60 for parking there for a couple of hours.”

“Sign up to Massey Uni instead.”

“Imagine if you chucked a three wheeler in the mix, that’d really throw a spanner in the works.”

“Yea I might rock up to uni on my trike someday, cause some real chaos.”

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