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March 29, 2015 | by  | in VUWSA |
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Yarn With Zwaan

This week I thought I’d set myself a challenge and dedicate this column to convincing you to come along to the VUWSA Initial General Meeting (IGM) this week. In case the intrinsic desire to participate in constitutionally required meetings isn’t enough to get you to come, I’ve come up with a compelling list of why you should come.

There’s free pizza! Let’s be real, free food is reason enough to do most things. We’ve timed the meeting to coincide with lunch (kicks off at 1pm) so perfect time for a few slices of delicious pizza.

Find out how we spent your money. After a few consecutive years of record deficits, at the IGM you’ll get presented with the financials and learn how VUWSA posted a profit last year. Added bonus—for the first time ever the whole ‘VUWSA Group’ audited accounts will be presented and they include the VUWSA Trust and VicBooks for the first time. Free pizza AND free audits?! We totally get you.

Figure out what it is we’ve been up to in the past year. We’ll be presenting the Annual Report from last year which covers the key highlights and achievements for VUWSA in 2014. There’s a few pretty pictures in it too.

Ask questions, raise general business and vote on things. This is the best part where you can ask questions about what VUWSA is up to, raise motions or points of order and vote on things. Or you can also just vote on the things already on the agenda and get the free pizza sooner.

Discuss the Living Wage and what it means for students. Wouldn’t it be sweet if you earnt $19.25/hr and didn’t have to live off two-minute noodles? There’s a growing movement on campus and in Wellington to support implementing a Living Wage. For me, there’s some pretty simple benefits—making tertiary education more widely accessible, allowing us to work fewer hours and focus on our studies, and ensuring all of us can afford decent food to keep ourselves healthy.

We’ll have a Twitter feed on a screen so you can tweet your heart away and see it on the big screen. Or like my flatmate did at a VUWSA event last year, try get #PizzaCountdown to trend (good luck Angus).

If the above didn’t convince you than there’ll also be a few other goodies to give away and it’s in the Hub so if you want to sit there and do your readings while you wait for the pizza than that’s cool too.

So anyway, please come, it’s at 1pm in the Hub on Wednesday the 1st of April. It’ll be fun, you’ll love it, I swear.

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